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Vampire diaries

No description

Emily Raes

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Vampire diaries

Alaric Saltzman I came to Mystic Falls after the teacher Mr.Tanner had passed away. I fell in
love with Elena's aunt, Jenna. Unfortunatly I
passed away in season three to reunite with
Jenna. I was also a vampire hunter and
Elena's step dad. I fall in love with Elena's friend Merideth in the book. Rebekah Mikaelson Klaus Mikaelson Tyler Lockwood I'm Caroline's boyfriend. I am also the
first hybrid that Klaus made. My mom had
died in the episode before Christmas, by Klaus.
I can change into a werewolf whenever I wish
but I can be compelled by the originals to change or do whatever they wish. I'm a jerk in the book. Matt Donovan I was Elena's old boyfriend. I also fell for Caroline Forbes. I just learned all about this supernatural stuff. I live on my own because my sister died as a vampire and my mother left me. I work at Mystic Grill. I can tell that Rebekah digged me, and to be honest I kind of digged her to. In the book I fall for Bonnie and a girl named Chloe. Bonnie Bennett I'm a witch and a very powerful one too. If I do to much magic then I will bleed very badly. I was trying to do magic but it hurt my grandma doing that kind of magic. prof. Shane helped me learn a kind of magic called expression. I need to do this magic to open a gate to the vampire cure for Elena. In the book i'm in love with Damon. I'm also sometimes jelous of Elena, and I am kind of a witch but I can only see visions and do a bit of
magic. I am one of the originals. I have 4 brothers which 2 of then are dead. Those 2 are Kol and Fin. Me and Stefan had a thing together since Elena is with Damon. If I die that means that my whole life line of vampires die. I cared a little about Matt for a while. I am not in the book. I'm half werewolf and half vampire. I am
also the life line of Elena,Damon,Stefan,Caroline,
Tyler and many others. I can make other hybrids
(half vampire half werewolf) with Elena's blood. I am
in love with Caroline Forbes. Rebekah is my sister. I am also an original. In the book i'm a Devil. I'm a fashion freak. I became a vampire because I almost died in a car accident. I fell for Matt but when I became a vampire I had to let go of him because of the urge for blood. I'm dating Tyler at the moment but I have to be careful in case he loses control. Klaus is in love with me
and I think that I might have a bit of feeling in there
for him.In the book lets just say i'm a rude girl. Jeremy Gilbert I'm Elena's brother. I have dated Matt's sister, Vicki, a vampire named Anna and I've also dated Bonnie. I'm a vampire hunter who used to want to kill Elena but Bonnie and prof. Shane taught me not to. Me and Matt are best friends. I used to do drugs and I used to smoke. I'm not in the book at all. Katherine Pierce Me and Elena are doplaganers. I'm a very old vampire. I compelled Stefan and Damon to love me. I was made by a girl named Rose. I was supposed to die for the ritual so klaus could become a hybrid but I ran away and became a vampire instead. I'm in the book but I am bad and I die in the third book. Fighting Kissing Dancing Meeting Damon Salvatore Moments Elena Gilbert If they got married Caroline Forbes Stefan Salvatore I am Damon's brother. I was changed into a vampire by Katherine. After I was changed I drank alot of blood so some people called me the "ripper". I'm the one who made Damon change into a vampire by giving him human blood. Me and Elena were a couple for almost 4 seasons. We broke up after Elena turned into a vampire. In the book I'm in love with Elena. I'm one of the main characters in the book and show. I am a hotty mic hotty! And Stefan is this hotty mic hotty's brother. I'm also in love with Elena. At the moment we two are dating and i'm so happy. I am fearlose. I do whatever I need to do to save Elena and my brother. I am also the first one to meet Elena so I should of been with her first if i wasn't stupid and compelled her not to know that I was here. In the book i'm just like I am in the show. I wear a leather jacket and i'm handsome as always.Im the main character in the book and show! I used to date Stefan but then after I turned into a vampire my feelings for Damon came out. I never really wanted to become a vampire but when I drowned I guess that I had vampire blood in my system. so I died and woke up a vampire. It was rather I die and wake up as a vampire or Matt die for good. There is this cure that I can take to cure vampirism so I can come mortal again but Damon doesn't want me to take it because when I grow old he will still be 20. Jeremy is my brother. In the book I become a vampire and then die as one saving Damon and Stefan. But then I come back to life again. Im also the main character in the book and show! Cast Members Vampire Diaries Tear The Three of Them I had to do these 2 last videos! Hope you enjoyed it! watch Vampire Diaries on chanell
9 By: Emily Raes The Vampire Diaries ps: damons not acually dead
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