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Verticurl Event Management in Eloqua


Andrew Cronin

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Verticurl Event Management in Eloqua

Helping businesses succeed with Marketing Automation and CRM
How does it work...
Define the event flow
How many times will you send the invitations?
What is the timing of emails and reminders

Create the event email templates
Plan to re-purpose existing templates
Ensure prominent placement of your call to action
Promote via your sales teams with emails in SFDC
Consider promoting the event through 'business as usual' emails and RFI pages.

Create event registration page
Option to use social sign on to improve data accuracy
Promote via your sales teams in SFDC

Prepare the target data of who you plan to invite.

Reporting available daily, weekly etc.
Design Email Templates
Eloqua Events & Survey Module
Manage the whole event life cycle from the invitation email to the registration page, all managed in a single tool.

Full reporting capabilities on email and registration process.

Trigger action based follow up including Thank you for attending emails, Lead Scoring and inclusion in Lead Nurture programs.

Easy to replicate 'Event Templates' make campaigns easily repeatable.

Set it and forget it... Some Eloqua customers have reduced their go to market with events by as much as 50%.

Integration with online webinar tools to allow you to measure amount of time spent in a webinar, measure the amount of engagement.
Suggested event Flow
"Eloqua is proud to have Verticurl as a global partner. The fact that they boast one of the largest staffs of Eloqua-certified resources in the world is a testament to their deep experience and commitment to serving Sales and Marketing organizations. Verticurl's Managed Care model is changing the way companies think about supporting their Eloqua deployments. The value is unparalleled, and their execution exceeds expectations.”
Rob Brewster, Senior Vice President, Eloqua
Additional Resources
Thank You
Save The Date
Invitation 1 & 2
Eloqua deep dive into events:

E10 Events & Survey Module video

Events best practice guide from Eloqua

Another Eloqua best practice guide

Guide to Segmentation
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