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Data Logging with EV3 Robotics

No description

Daniel Moltion

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Data Logging with EV3 Robotics

Why Track Data?
When else do we make and track measurements?
EV3 Data Logging
We can measure and log data using:
Color sensor
Gyroscopic sensor
Motor rotations
Touch sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
NXT Sound sensor
Temperature sensor
Energy sensor
Infrared sensor
Turn OFF Oscilloscope Mode
We will use the data logging function of the EV3 programming brick.

We will use use both the remote and autonomous data logging functions
Data Logging with EV3 Robotics
Setting Sample Rate, Sensor, and Mode
Using the color Sensor set to measure ambient light
Remote Data Logging
Run the Program
Upload to view your results
Autonomous Data Logging
Using the Gyroscopic Sensor
Create the Program
Run the program to measure data
Open a New Experiment
Upload your Data
Import the Data you just collected by selecting the file
Import the Data you just collected by selecting the file
Examine Your Results
Step 1: Data Logging Bricks (Blue)
Step 2: Gyro Sensor
Step 3: The Program
The Next Step
Today we will have the robot collect data in various locations as it moves
Write the Program
Bring it Up to Test
Graph Your Results
Using Oscilloscope Mode
An oscilloscope continually measures data...and graphs it as a wave
When we are connected to oscilloscope mode, we can do the same
Start data logging measuring ambient light
Drive Forward
Until the Ultrasonic Sensor Sees an Object 6 in ahead
Back Up
Stop Data Logging
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