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1.2 Poetry Charts

No description

someother timemightbe

on 9 August 2017

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Transcript of 1.2 Poetry Charts

Who is the speaker of the poem?
What is the message (Essential Question terminology) the speaker is trying to communicate to the reader?

Identify two key images in each poem and explain what you think the speaker is trying to say with each one.
Identify and explain how figurative language made these images stand out.
In what stage of life does the speaker of the poem appear to be?

What lines of the poem lead you to believe this?

Look carefully at the individual lines of the poem. What is the essential message the speaker is saying to the “young soul?”
Discuss two techniques used
in the poem (enjambment,
stanzas, repetition, word
choice, etc.) that help convey
the message of the poem.
What important lessons has
The speaker learned through the course of his or her life experiences? Cite lines which lead you to this conclusion.
How are these lessons
Applicable to your life?
1.2 Poetry Charts
The speaker of the poem is a perfectly good human being
hes trying to say never say never
Dun be stupid sir chapter69-page420 "dun be a stupid sir ."
me. it used me and i shouldve left it so long ago. I shouldve listened to my friends.
*looks carefully* done.

A + plus.
The good life. welcome
identification complete.

...launching missiles
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