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A4 Introduction Citizenship

No description

Melanie Black

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of A4 Introduction Citizenship

For the pass criteria
In this criteria you must also
Explain the difference between statutory and non-
statutory public services
Role of Public Services
What is the role of public services?
For your assignment you need to find examples of when the public services have been written about by the different types of media. Using as many different types of media that you can find.

Is it factual?
Is it accurate?
Did you know
Tabloids portray more crime than broadsheets - The Sun newspaper contains, on average, 30.4% of crime news compared to 5.1% in the Guardian

This highlights that a substantial proportion of media time and energy goes into the portrayal of public services, why do you think that is?
Look at different types of media, watch the news for example and make notes on how public services are portrayed.

This will make your task tomorrow a lot easier.

Bring some examples to class tomorrow.
Media Representations of Uniformed Public Services
P7, P8, P9, M4, M5 & D3
Lets give these a go.....
Why do we need them?
What support do they offer citizens?
P7: Report on three examples of current affairs that affect public services and citizens
P8: Present information on how the media reports current affairs involving public services
P9: Demonstrate how support is provided to citizens by statutory & non statutory public services
Explain the role of the services and the need for services
Explain how public services offer support to citizens
Discuss national issues and how they affect public services and citizens
Why do public services exist?
Why are they important?
If they were not there what might happen?
Statutory v. Non Statutory Services
Think about the word, where have you heard this before?
A body of law made by Parliament
What might a statutory public service be?
A public service created and maintained by the Government
Non Statutory
So given what we now know about statutory services, what is a non statutory public service?
They rely on charitable donations or seek alternative methods of funding, such as bidding for EU or lottery money
How does the media come into this?
The media report on both statutory and non statutory public services
The media have a lot of influence on public opinion and they should report things fairly, but they don't always do this
Positive Images of Public Services
Public services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
They perform outstanding acts of bravery, courage and self sacrifice and face things everyday that the general public never have to
Sometimes the outstanding acts of bravery do get reported, which creates admiration and respect for the services
Poor Practice
The media should report scandalous work and behaviour within the services, after all this is their job
If they did not do this then the public (who ultimately pay for the services) would not be aware of poor practice
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