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Bridges Out of Poverty

No description

Hannah Klare

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty
Morgan County
Dan Moore
Home Bank SB
Our Community
Objectives & Vision
? ?
What is
Bridges Out of Poverty
Bridges Out of Poverty
is not a
, but rather a set of
about understanding and, ultimately, addressing poverty.
Ruby Payne, PhD
with Phillip DeVol & Terie Drussi-Smith
Bridges Out of Poverty
"When the horse is dead...
it is time to dismount"
Community Economic Crises
Lost largest employer
Flood in 2007
Global financial crisis in 2007
Community morale decline
Rise of pawn shops, flea markets, & payday lenders
Increase of individuals walking the streets
Increase in free lunch programs, crime, & homeslessness
Community Assessment
As a member of the Morgan County community, Home Bank felt a responsibility to become the community's corporate leader.

"Leaving things better than we found them."
Home Bank also felt that in order to be successful in contributing to the rehabilitation of the community, it was important to leave a
There had been other efforts made in the past that went through a development stage but were never fully implemented.
Blue Ribbon Committee
Even then, Home Bank noticed the reoccurring theme of collapsing community morale.
Action Items Gifting Program
IU Medical / Career
Habitat for Humanity
Gift of Giving
"Poverty Hurts" bracelets in County schools
However, this led to be overwhelming
The Beginning
Meeting with Alice Cordes
Former mental health professional
currently with Churches in Mission
Meeting with Phillip DeVol
100+ people attended
Great media coverage
Greencastle attended
Had funding available but were without a plan
Meeting with Terie Dreussi Smith
100+ people attended
Meeting with supporters of Home Bank's vision and the authors of Bridges Out of Poverty
Structure is Key
"Faceless Legacy"
Steering Committee
Faith Community
IU medical Center
Understanding the sale cycle
501 (3c)
Community Foundation & United Way
First, Bonnie Bazata with St. Joseph Bridges provided a presentation training with a Getting Ahead Participate
Greencastle Partnership
Had received funding from Rotary
2 trainers worked in Greencastle, with one of the two from Martinsville in the program
This person joined our Steering Committee
United Way took the lead
Getting ahead is part of
Bridges Out of Poverty.
Our first class was early 2014 which was funded by IU Health
Getting Ahead
Mission & Vision Statements
The mission of Morgan County
Bridges Out of Poverty
is to foster sustainable community solutions through collaborations of individuals and organizations.
The vision of Morgan County
Bridges Out of Poverty
is that the initiative will serve as a change agent, paving a pathway toward sustainability and self-sufficiency.
Home Bank Goals...
Others follow the model
Fostering Getting
Ahead Graduates
Reduce the social costs of poverty
Build and connect resources
Create Partnerships
Strengthen the local workforce and improve job retention rates
Support those moving out of poverty
Create a
Implement Plan/Strategy
All sectors and classes working together to achieve the following
Thank you!
If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?

Executive Committee
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