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LifeSaver Recycling

Sustainability- Dr. Keith Whitworth

Feliza Fenty

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of LifeSaver Recycling

Recycling LifeSavers Reuse Reduce Recycle "A" rated colleges and universities Concept: the three Rs is based on the idea of becoming a more practical and better educated consumer who in turn will make more efficient choices in their consumption habits Reduce: We live in a society of overconsumption where we are constantly buying product

Ideas to reduce our footprint:
Not buying more clothes than we need
Unplugging our vampire appliances
Get every last bit of shampoo or facewash out of the container before you open a new on Reuse: Our society values new materials, which leads to our insatiable spending habitsIdeas

Ideas to reuse:
Hold on to your car for a few more years instead of buying a brand new car every couple of years
Wear hand-me-downs or reuse clothes you may have forgotten about in your closet
Use free plastic bags you get from the grocery store as garbage bags Recycle: Ideas to recycle:
Put your soda bottle in the recycling bin
Make sure your old papers end up being recycled, not in the regular trash
Recycle food by making a compost pile and turning that into healthy soil for you to grow produce in If for no other reason…
The concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is beneficial to our individual wallets
Consuming less means more money for us to use in other areas
By reusing plastic bags you will save money on buying garbage bags
Compost will save you from having to buy good soil for planting a garden The Importance of Recycling What is happening to earth?
Our globe is being depleted through our use/overuse of natural resources.

Global warming and pollution are also key issues that have contributed to the depletion of our earth.

Over-population has lead to hunger and over-production of food.

We humans are solely responsible for this depletion. To infinity and beyond?
The future is important to us for many reasons.

Future generations are already at a disadvantage through our selfish deeds, lifestyles, and wants. Because of this, future generations might already have to suffer through bad consequences before they have even set foot on this planet.

Their chioces of how they will live their lifestyle will be strictly determined by our lifestyle decisions at the moment.

Future generations also have the right of living on a planet with natural resources, clean water, or oil just like we do, so their success or failures will be solely based on our responsibilities and actions. Why should we care?
Sustainability is meeting the needs of today without having to compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
We must realize that our society, humanity, and planet still will exist long after our generation leaves this planet.
We are somewhat obligated to keep our earth intact for the benefit of our future children, grand-children, and great grand-children.
Doing simple things such as recycling a newspaper or recycling an aluminum can is an easy starting point to achieve a sustainable life is logical, and arguably morally why (we should care)! TCU Recycling Program Paper Recycling
75 percent of paper waste is generated in administrative/academic buildings
Athletic events have specially labeled containers for bottles and cans
25 percent of paper waste comes from residential halls Paperless-ness
Many on campus offices now handle paperwork online
E-college used by professors Reusing refuse
All wood material from trees is reused on plant beds
Debris from construction are collected and recycled Recyclemania
competition used on college campuses to promote recycling initiatives
Over 10 weeks schools report the amount of recyclables/trash collected per capita
Their results are then ranked for most or least amount of recyclables and highest recycling rate
These results encourage schools to recycle more Recycling old buildings
When buildings are demolished several components are reused
Churches and homeless shelters acquire old flooring, chandeliers, and other items Where does grade "A" come from?
The GreenReportCard.org website and the College Sustainability Report Card are both initiatives of the Sustainable Endowments Institute. The Institute is a nonprofit organization engaged in research and education to advance sustainability in campus operations and endowment practices. Categories for rating:
Climate Change & Energy
Food & Recycling
Green Building
Student Involvement
Endowment Transparency
Investment Priorities
Shareholder Engagement Texas Christian University = B-
A in Administration
C in Climate Change and Energy
C in Food and Recycling
B in Green Building
A in Student Involvement
B in Transportation
D in Endowment Transparency
A in Investment Priorities
C in Shareholder Engagement 22% of its food budget on local products.
Discounts for using mugs and reusable to-go containers
Eliminated the sale of bottled water on campus to reduce the amount of discarded plastic The reality is...
These changes are mostly expensive (initially)
They require time and careful planning
They may seem drastic
However, they are all POSSIBLE It is up to us to push for the changes that we want to see in our school! Brown University and Oberlin College have similar survey data in Climate Change, Energy, Food, Recycling, Endowment Transparency and Shareholder Engagement categories! Have installed two solar arrays and heats buildings with geothermal pump systems
40% of electricity purchased for the campus comes from renewable energy sources. TCU's lowest grade was in transparency, this may be the root of some of the other problems.
Oberlin and Brown make information about all holdings available to trustees and senior administrators University of Miami
Just recently moved to B- (like us)!
If we adopt their ideas we will move up as well! TCU Recycling Program... improvement? Initiate an extra bin for glass or aluminum recycling within residents halls
Introduce the significance of recycling to freshman and all first year students of TCU and its importance at TCU!
Commence better monitoring of the Sprinkler system during rain
Introduce recycling within Market Place, 1873 and all other on campus dining areas.
Turning off the stadium lights when not in use.
Adding recycling bins in each classroom next to the trash.
Outline an area or more specific location for students to recycle newspapers (skiff, fw star, etc.)
Install sensor lighting in rooms for students who leave lights on when not in use.
Start a program with ranch management encouraging gardens. Grow fruit for Market Square.
Make a sustainability day, similar to LEAPS in conjunction with Earth Day. Now, How about U? Give examples of ways to recycle old, used, irreparable or unwanted stuff:
Turn old and unused items into art or a free form sculpture for your wall.
Repair old and damaged items instead of throwing them away.
Arrange a book swap.
Give stuff to animal shelters
Reuse baskets and containers
Large pourable cat food containers can be washed out with bleach and then used for flour and sugar.
Old game pieces from monopoly or scrabble can be used to decorate picture frames or pots for houseplants. Laminate monopoly We MUST make an individual effort to save our planet! Works Cited “Green Report Card Improvement.” Youtube.com GreenHawksMedia, 2010 Website.
Retrieved: November 24, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvcMdUcXsHY Recycling and Waster Reduction. (2010). Retrieved November 17, 2010, from TCU Sustainability Program: http://www.sustainability.tcu.edu/recycle.asp "One Less Bottle" Campaign

Here on TCU’s campus, we already give away many free refillable water bottles as it is. Coming up with a campaign to help solidify the refillable water-bottle movement would be a great next step. Putting up advertisments and/or making videos and having a team to promote the campaign would be a great next step in getting the project rolling. All these things are not very costly to do. Reusable Office Supply Exchange (R.O.S.E)

This wonderful self-service program is a place for you to bring all those surplus supplies lying around your office that you know someone on campus must be able to use. It’s also a place to find usable items that you need for your office FREE, no strings attached, saving all kinds of money and time on supply ordering for your department. This becomes a wonderful cycle of materials that could have pontentially added to the already heavy excess of waste that we have on campus. These items are being reused which helps to save a lot of money as well.
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