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Kindergarten Orientation 2013

Tuscan Elementary School

Matt Robinson

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Kindergarten Orientation 2013

Curriculum overview (each subject)
Day to Day Schedule
Behavior Plan
Helpful information for you!
Back to School Night 2012
Speaking and Listening
Participate in group conversations
Ask and answer questions
Show and Tell
"Book It" Reports
Grammar and usage, capitalization, punctuation, etc. when writing or speaking
E.L.A./English Language Arts
Tuscan School is a wonderful school for learning.
Tuscan is where terrific students, caring, highly talented and dynamic teachers, and actively involved parents work together to create an outstanding school community.
We recognize our students as individuals and we know that learning is a process that evolves uniquely for each student.
Tuscan Tigers ROAR
Reading and Writing
American Reading Company and Kid Write
With a Second Chance to Learn
Inside the Classroom
Always Growing, Always Learning
Our goal is to continue to meet the needs of all of Tuscan’s children and ensure that your our students enjoy a happy, safe and nurturing learning environment – one in which students are inspired, encouraged, supported and challenged to reach increasingly higher levels of academic, social-emotional, behavioral and physical growth and development.
Our Mission
As educators it is our responsibility to ensure that every child becomes literate.
The critical factor in a child’s literacy education is the support, direction, demonstration, and encouragement toward independence that she receives from her teacher.
Collaboration, time, and effort have resulted in a comprehensive literacy program here at Tuscan.
Intervention programs at Tuscan ensure the success of all students.
Language Arts/Communications
Print whole name correctly using D'Nealian format
Identify colors & shapes
Identify capital and lower case letters
Recognize beginning & ending sounds Identify rhyming words / Produce rhyming words
Enjoy literature & build comprehension skills
Be exposed to & identify sight words
Identify parts of a book
Understand the difference between letters, words & spaces
Use a left to right sweep when writing & reading
Put thoughts onto paper using pictures, inventive spelling, and correct beginning and ending sounds
Print letters correctly using D’Nealian style printing
Have knowledge of syllables
Have the ability to break a word into syllables
Decode C/V/C words (cat, run, let)
Substitute beginning of words to make new words.
Blend letters to create words
Retell stories using first, next and last
Predict outcomes of stories
Leading each classroom community of learners on a magnificent journey of discovery and learning are highly talented, skillful, thoughtful and dedicated teachers. Tuscan teachers consistently strive to demonstrate excellence in teaching by skillfully using the Workshop Model and the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model as frameworks for the effective delivery of differentiated instruction. Through the thoughtful implementation of highly effective instructional strategies, early interventions, modifications and accommodations, the needs of our Special Education students are met in inclusive classrooms.
Good First Teaching
Beyond the Classroom -
A Community of Learners
Tuscan students are provided with numerous opportunities to extend their learning beyond their classroom walls. Tuscan teachers design enriching learning experiences with meaningful connections to the arts and physical education. Our students’ Tuscan experience include trips to The Maplewood Firehouse, Paper Mill Playhouse, South Orange Performing Arts Center, Staten Island Children’s Museum, Trailside Museum, Sterling Mineral Mine, Franklin Mineral Museum, The Bronx Zoo, an in-school Planetarium and a trip to Sandy Hook. Our 5th grade class enjoys trips to Lincoln Center, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which includes lunch in Central Park and a stroll to visit nearby art galleries. Our 5th graders also eagerly anticipate and thoroughly enjoy their end of the year educational day trip to Philadelphia.
A Truly Special Place...

Our outstanding programs, community service projects and celebrations include our Fall Field Day, TV Turn-off, ROAR Book in a Bag Project, Twilight Tiger Parent/Child Evening Reading Enrichment Program, School Spirit Day Reading Trains, Tuscan Thinkmark/Bookmark of the Month Project, Thanksgiving Assembly, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Snowflake Spectacular Winter Sing-A-Long, Coin Collections, Pajama Day (Pajamas & Books Drives), Toy Drives, 100th Day of School Food Drive, MLK Peacemaker Assembly and Peace Train, Mix It-up Day, Project ACES, The Peace Patch Vegetable Garden, Spring Concert and Art Show, and Clap Out. Tuscan’s Safety Patrol, Student Council, Peer Power Club and TV Turnoff Ambassadors contribute greatly to sustaining the well-established positive culture and climate of Tuscan School. CHS Reading Buddies, CHS Read Across America Celebrity Readers and CHS Elementors Recess Clubs all receive enthusiastic support from a cadre of staff, students, and parents from Tuscan School and Columbia High School.
The talents, creativity and enthusiasm of our teachers, students and staff create engaging, challenging and dynamic learning environments. We collaboratively work to make Tuscan an outstanding school where our students want to come to learn and grow. The dedication and expertise of our faculty, positive contributions from actively involved parents, and the joyful enthusiasm of our students make Tuscan School a happy, friendly and amazing school for learning.
Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation at Tuscan School!
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