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LSA2010 Theory

No description

Jasmyn Flynn

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 Theory

Criminological Theory Cesare Beccaria Classical Theory: Crime occurs when the benefits outweigh the costs- when people pursue self-interest in the absence of effective punishments. Crime is a free- willed choice. Cesare Beccaria created the thought of classical theory, in 1764. There are 3 main legs which his theory rests on,
first: all individuals have free will and make choices on that free will.
Second: All individuals rationally look out for their own personal satisfaction. first: all individuals have free will and make choices on that free will.
The third leg in which Cesare's theory rests is manipulablibily.
Example of classical theory:
"I need a way to get money fast. If i wear a mask then the bank won't be able to tell it's me, So therefor, I'm going to be a billionair fast. Manipulability:
The quality of being contollable Rational Choice Detterrence: Crime is seen as a choice that is influenced by its costs and benefits. Crime will be more likely to be deterred if its costs are raised, especially if the costs are certin and immidiate. Stafford & Warr Patternoster Cornish & Clarke Matsueda Examples of rational Choice Detterence Stafford & Warr Researched on Rational choice detterrence Reasearched & helped theorize rational choice detterence. Reaserched and studied rational choice deterrence Also researched and studied rational choice detterence Lets say you raped a young girl and your punishment was to get a tattoo over your forhead that said pervert and it was there for the rest of his life, and you also had to do jail time. That would be an example of rational choice detterence because the sexual offenders would have so much fear in gettinng the tattoo that it would lower the rape rates. Social Disorganization: Disorganized communitues cause crime because informal social controls break down and criminal cultures emerge. They lack collective efficacy to fight crime and disorder. Examples of social disorganization They neighborhoods are so poor and unsafe that they barley have a strong legal system, this is causing the kids in the neighborhood to do what they want, which usually they follow their "friends" which is getting them in trouble, but it is never solved until the legal system steps up, therefor this is continueing generation after generation causing the crime rates to raise. Theorists/ Researchers:
Shaw & McKay
Bursik & Grasmick

Peacmaking theory: Crime is caused by suffering, which is linked to injustice rooted in inequality and daily personal acts of harm. Making "War on crime" will not work. Making peace is the solution to crime Theorists/ Researchers:
Quinney Example or the peacemaking theory:
If you are a hostel bank robber and instead of talking you out of doing it the cops come up shooting at you, that would make you mad, and probably push you to do more damage to everything. As to if they were calm and talking to you about it you might reconsider kiling someone . THE END ... WAIT Sources:
Google images
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