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Capstone Consulting Project for The Mica Foundation

No description

Natalie Steele

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Capstone Consulting Project for The Mica Foundation


Goal Statement
. ...............

. . . . . .
In order for The Mica Foundation to accomplish its mission,
we concluded that a great opportunity exists for the
organization to increase its visibility locally and nationally
in order to be perceived as a premier organization among
the community, other institutions, corporations, and
federal funding agencies.

To maximize visibility locally and nationally, there is an
opportunity for the Foundation to build relationships with
locally and nationally affiliated pet supply retailers.
The primary goal of the IMC plan is to increase the local and regional visibility and awareness of The Mica Foundation
to support the organization’s business goal
of generating additional funding to the organization and its programs.
The Mica Foundation - Dr. Abby Shuman
Executive Director/CEO/Founder

Objectives: to explore the potential of
working together; get a perspective
of the Foundation's challenges
Mission Statement:

The Mica Foundation is a grassroots, nonprofit organization, established in September 2012 to promote responsible animal stewardship by creating a network that assists in the development of resources, skills, education and financial responsibilitiess involved in providing lifelong quality care for companion animals.

Media Strategy
Board Members have:
high-level of commitment
diverse skill sets
passion about the idea and its potential to be successful
Experience and knowledge of non-profit organizations
One of few organizations of its kind
The Foundation lacks the following:
Necessary messages and statements
Experience/expertise running a non-profit organization
Time and availability of the Board Members to physically meet at a determined date/time
Staff to implement plans and strategies
Organization and structure of the Foundation and roles of it's Board Members
Donor Base
Competition with other charities for donor contributions
The potential of losing federal funding due to competition
Economic Issues
No strategic plan in place
Failure to move from isolated interventions to collaborative, collective impact
Use of Social Media for visibility, marketing activities and donor contributions
Recognition through use of local media/PR
Soliciting partnerships with animal organizations to expand the awareness of the Foundation both on and off-line
Forming alliances with other organizations; commercial businesses or NGOs
Cause Marketing Opportunities
Grants and Awards
Allowed access to the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Visual Identity
Social Media Channels

Fundraising/Special Events
"Laugh Your Mutts Off:
"The Fast and the Furriest"
"Growl and Whine"
"Hawgs and Dogs"
"Putts for Paws"
"Bet for Pets"
Measure increase in donors
Website hits
Social media 'likes'
Responses from feedback mechanisms
Number of donors who attend events vs. number invited
Integrated Marketing Communication Plan
immediate focus on:
creating a powerful visual identity,
website development and
utilizing social meda channels.
Outline agreement between Client and Consultant
Roles, Expectations, Actions
• Defined the needs to be addressed and the goals to be achieved
Provided written contract outlining our partnership
Respect for all contributions
We would all influence the planning, actions, and outcomes of the project
•Accessibility to all invested parties and the freedom to pursue
relevant issues and data
•Negotiated wants and needs, discussed any concerns and clarified
contract specifics
Primary Research:
Direct contact with the organization's founding director Dr. Abby Shuman and members of the Board of Directors through individual interviews
The following research objectives were answered through this form of research:
To gather information of the Board members understanding of the Foundation's main focus, top priorities, mission, vision, core values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; what is happening and what they think should be happening
Interpreting the data identified the following needs of the Foundation:
effective communication (both internal and external)
an organizational model
marketing plan
Objectives to achieve
the goal will include
establishing a powerful visual identity
of The Mica Foundation,
using online tools and social media
marketing to reach and build
the organization’s publics
and audiences.
Selling Idea (Taglines)

1. "Promoting Responsible Stewardship for Companion Animals"

2. Preventing Pet Surrender. Keeping Families Together"


The Mica Foundation addresses the needs of a specific segment of the population:
Animals stewards who are dealing with situations that have put them at risk of surrendering their pets.
Primary Audiences:

Companion Animals and their Stewards
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