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future tech

No description


on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of future tech

Future Tech Robots military robots robots are already used in warfare to detect bombs or used as spy planes or remote controlled lethal drones
new ones house help robots in the future, robots are thought to be used a lot as:
games many people think that house help robots will be some of the most important future military robots The military also is responding to some creative tinkering by the troops, who have modified their robots to carry grenades and other weapons into buildings or other potentially unsafe targets.
"Soldiers and Marines are very innovative and ... have figured out how to do that," Griffin says.
As a result, the Pentagon is testing a new version of the Talon robot that carries a remote-control M-240 machine gun.
Meanwhile, much larger and more ambitious robot weapons are in testing, including a tank-like, 1,600-pound vehicle called the Gladiator, which can fire a variety of guns, tear gas or almost anything else that fits. It also has loudspeakers to "shout" instructions, such as those to calm a mob.
Those armed robots are like the Predator, which fires only with a human command. The next step — robots that decide themselves when to fire — is much harder. Medicine Robots In the future, nano-robots may perform all kinds of important jobs for humans, including health-related jobs such as molecular repair. robots are to be used in the future as workers in unsafe places for example, they could be used in sulphur mines and thhe arctic future technology wont
be available until the future exo skeletons will be used to help enhance peoples attributes, and also to help disabled people walk. there are already some of these in production at the moment to help an american military person to carry heavy loads. these exoskeletons accept signals from your brain by connecting to nerve centres, much like prosthetic limbs,from your body to move as your body does. robots in the future will be serious bad asses and wont take no for an answer future stuff will be very different to our normal stuff how wierd is that in the future farts wont smell one day we will all do the We rock By Alex Morris, Matt Johnston, Zak Stott and Will Smith by Alex Morris, Matt Johnston, Zak Stott and William Smith unfortunately this dog will live foran extra 3 years in the futurethanks to future tech say hi to kelly this thanks for watching
our presentation by alex morris, zak stott, will smith and matt
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