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No description

Adriana Gonzales

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Veterinarian

Adriana Gonzales
1st Trimester Exhibition
October 7, 2013
the Met (Justice)
Brian Matthew's Advisory
What is the work environment like for this career?
Where will I work?
Who works with me?
What resources/tools does a person in this career field use?
I chose this career because my whole life I wanted a job with animals. Every animal is special and unique. I watched Animal Planet, read books and did some research. I have a desire to work with them everyday and be able to help and care for them. Some animals that I may work with will be sick or could have been abused. My mom and I are both against animal abuse. When I got my dog it made me more passionate about animals. I cant stand the sight of a defenseless animal being abused or not being helped.
I have always wanted to interact with animals. I would like to help them as well as learn about them. If they are wild or domesticated they all seem very interesting and fun. That is why I would like to be a veterinarian. I would be happy with my job because I would be helping and caring for them.
What does a person with this career do?
What task do they perform?
What responsibilities do they have?
A veterinarian diagnoses health problems and medicates sick animals. They care for animals wounds, perform surgeries, spay neuter, and vaccinate.
The tasks veterinarians perform depend on their practice. If the veterinarian is in a small clinic they may perform physical exams, diagnostics and communicate with the client.
The responsibilities may include taking care of the patient, finding how to help the animal, and doing a diagnostic on it. They often determine what vaccination the animal will need and find potential infections or diseases.
I may work in a small animal clinic with climate control, examination rooms, surgery rooms, supplies and a kennel area.
At the Pet Refuge
I help with animal cleaning, feeding, and I interact with the animals. I mostly work with the cats. I also volunteer at the zoo in the Roots and Shoots program. I work with animal caretakers, assistants and veterinarians.
Veterinarians use scalpels, x-rays, syringes, thermometers and scales.

Veterinarians need to know Biology, Chemistry and Virology.
The primary interest area that a veterinarian would fall under would be health science.
People I may Collaborate with
Animal Behavioral, Trainer, Marine Biologist and Animal Caretaker . I chose these three because these jobs are related to a Veterinarian's job and deal with animals.
Education or Training required
8 years of preparation and four more years to obtain a Masters.
A person in this field should be enthusiastic, nice, caring and a good communicator. Being inquisitive and social will help with investigating what is wrong with the animal and can assist with calming down the animal.
The median salary for a person in this career field in RI and Nationally is
After my interview with Crystal I am even more interested in learning a lot more about my career field and gaining experiences with animals. I would like to be able to interact with them. I plan to help them. I am committed to being a Veterinarian.
My Passion
My Interest
Crystal's most challenging experience at the zoo involved understanding that all animals are not trainable and friendly. One day a pair of Emus (one girl/ one guy) (true story) the female got jealous and almost attacked her. She learned the importance of being attentive and alert at all times
Crystal Pagan has experience taking care of animals that are larger than her. She has communicated with them and worked on establishing a relationship with an elephant. She said training them is the most amazing thing ever.
Crystal also stated the importance of having an open mind, ears, and eyes. She emphasized the importance of observation and communication.
Shelter Veterinarian $67,000
Emergency Veterinarian $86,000
Small Animal Veterinarian $71,000
Animal Control Shelter Manager $28,000
Animal Health Technician $28,000
Veterinarian Technician $29,000
Clinical Veterinary Technician $40,000
Associate Veterinarian $76,000
Veterinary Specialist $36,000
Veterinarian $84,000
Veterinary Nurse Technician $24,000
Veterinarian Associate $71,000

Veterinarian: $74,640 (state median) of RI
1) True or False?
Cats spend on average of 13 to 14 hours per day sleeping

2) True or False?
Dalmations are born with spots?

3) Which dog breed is the smallest of them all

a) Dashund
b) Shih tzu
c) Pomeranian
d) Chihuahua
An X-ray allows the veterinarian to see if the animal's bones are broken or fractured.
Skills and qualities needed to be successful in this career consist of social skills, problem-solving, and being good in math and science.
Skills and Qualities Needed
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