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Social Organization and Families

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on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Organization and Families

Social Organization/Families
Warrior Aristocracy
Intellectual Group
These people would go into war and would protect the land.
What were they like?
Warriors were fierce and daring.
What were they ranked?
These people were more important than freeman and just above the intellectual group.
What did they do?
What were they like?
The intellectuals had the most knowledge and were very creative.
What were they ranked?
Warriors were ranked just above them, and they were higher in class than the freeman.
What did they use their knowledge for?
They used their knowledge for inventing and creating new things, fulfilling roles, and teaching their knowledge.
What were they like?
Freeman were just average people in their culture.
What did they do?
They didn't do anything to stand out in their civilization, they just blended in.
How were they ranked?
Freeman were raked below warrior aristocracy and the intellectual group.
What was this classes role?
They were Jurists, Poets, and Druids.
Druids were priests in the Celtic religion.
Slaves were not considered apart of the social organization because slavery was frowned upon. When they were captured they would be considered the lowest of all.
Families consisted of:
The first Born was the most important because he would be the families future
Had kinship and was involved in warfare
Had much beauty
Ancient Portugal
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