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Catch the Moon

No description

Rafael Ramos

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Catch the Moon

Although there is the setting of the funeral home the main setting was the junk yard.

In this story their is two type of conflict internal and external. The internal conflict is that Luis is very emotional do to the death of his mother. The external conflict is that he doesn't want to work in his dad's junk yard.
The theme in this story is that you can't hold in your emotions because by doing so you will become a very unlikable person. Luis held his for three years after he moved on he was a much happier person.
The point-of-view in this story is third-person-omniscient an example of this "Luis, the señorita here has lost a wheel cover".
Catch the Moon
Protagonist: Luis - he lost his mother 3 years ago and never got over it.
Antagonist: Luis' father (Jorge Cintron) - He is against the group that luis hangs with and owns the junk yard.
Naomi - The girl that needed help with her VW.
Luis' mom - she never said anything bad about no one.

Plot Diagram
We meet Luis and his father
Luis meets Naomi
Luis misses his mom
Luis sees Naomi draw a picture of him
Luis goes look for the hub caps
Luis finds the hubcaps
Judith Ortiz Cofer was born in Hormigueros, a small town in Puerto Rico. Because of his military career her father took the family to Paterson, New Jersey, but often spent her childhood traveling back and forth between Puerto Rico and the US . At age 15, her family moved to Augusta, Georgia, where she earned a degree in English. She later earned a master's degree in English from Florida Atlantic University and did graduate work at the University of Oxford. Although Ortiz Cofer is best known for her works of creative nonfiction, began her writing career with poetry, he feels "contains the essence of language." Her early chapbook Peregrina (1986) won the International Competition Chapbook Riverstone, and has published several other books of poetry since this in his work explores the cracks and gaps that arise between their divided cultural heritage.
Historical context
Her early in both Puerto Rican and American culture immersion has shaped her multi-genre approach, including fiction, prose, poetry, and sometimes a combination of all three. But the gift of being bilingual will affect socially as she was mocked by others. In 2010 she was included in the Hall of Fame of Georgia Writers. She currently teaches at the University of Georgia as the Regents' and Franklin Professor of English and Creative Writing.
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