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The concepts, description and effects of discrimination with

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Aqsa Hussain

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The concepts, description and effects of discrimination with

The concepts, description and effects of discrimination within health and social care
Part III
The effects discrimination can have on staff and individuals using health and social care
In this section of the presentation, I will be talking about more of the negative effects that discrimination has on people.
As I have a wide choice of topics to talk about, I have narrowed them down to 3;

- Marginalisation
- Disempowerment
- Low self-esteem and self-identity
Marginalisation is when someone treats a person or a group of people in the incorrect way, thus making them feel insignificant. The people who have the upper hand can make the other people feel like they are not part of the main group in society.
An example of this could be a group of people within a GP surgery belittling a woman who wears the Hijab. They make rude, insolent comments which make the woman feel very insecure and upset.
newspaper article
From this article that I found, I was able to see how marginalisation affects genders too. This article from the BBC states that some men feel left out and marginalized by support services.
It states that they feel left out and barely get told any information from midwives, health visitors, and social workers.
Teen parents need support too but that doesn't mean that all the support should be focused on the mother; the fathers who are there from the beginning play a key part too.
Marginalisation; key quote
'As a society, I think older women are marginalized, but I think that has changed so much in the last twenty years.'
Melinda McGraw
This quote, by Melinda McGraw shows a typical trait of society; she thinks that women do get treated in a such a way that makes them feel not worthy; that could explain why women feel inferior when compared to men.
She also states that society is changing, so hopefully that trait will get lost in time over the years.
Effects of Marginalisation
The effects of marginalisation can be split up into sections, which I have stated below;
Emotional: When someone gets marginalised for expressing their religion for example, the person who is getting discriminated upon could get to such a low that they even start contemplating suicide. This may be hard to believe but marginalisation is a form of bullying and this can happen. Furthermore, they could start to get anxiety and not be themselves anymore.
Financial: Due to this form of bullying, the person who is getting marginalised could start to experience some financial problems because they won't be focused on their money; at the same time they could possibly be going through a breakdown or a lack of stability.
Psychological: If the person who is getting bullied through marginalisation lets it all get to them then they could possibly suffer some psychological problems. For example, if the people said something about another persons weight, the targeted person could feel that they aren't good enough and thus suffer from an eating disorder.
Social & family life: When someone suffers from this type of harassment then they won't really be themselves. When someone is going through some sort of hardship, the first thing the will do, is seclude themselves. They won't want to mix with others because they feel that they'll be fine, on their own. This sort of behaviour will weaken the social links and family bonds that the person has.
Disempowerment is when an individual or a group of people get discriminated upon by other, powerful individuals. This type of behaviour can actually make the people/group feel less powerful or confident.
An example of this could be that there are two groups of people who are in the waiting room of a hospital. 1 group is full of white men and the other is full of black men. An argument somehow starts and the black men are willing to fight the white men to show supremacy and power. Eventually the white men lose the argument and begin to feel devalued and disempowered, literally.
Disempowerment; newspaper article
This article from South Africa is addressing the issue is polygamy and how these types of marriages are still disempowering women, through regular abuse.
Gender-based abuse is never right and this is a good example to see how it actually works in a real life situation. It makes the person feel very weak and not supported at all.
Disempowerment; key quote
“Today, you have the opportunity to
transcend from a disempowered mindset of existence to an empowered reality of purpose-driven living. Today is a new day that has been handed to you for shaping. You have the tools, now get out there and create a masterpiece.”
Steve Maraboli, The Power of One

This quote by Steve Maraboli shows that we are our own person, we control our own life by the decisions we make.
He says that you can either live life through a disempowered mindset, or you can start afresh with an empowered driven life.
Effects of disempowerment
Emotional and psychological: Through disempowerment, I feel that the targeted individual can start to suffer from anxiety at first which starts to play on their emotions. From anxiety, I feel that it can develop into depression as the victim won't feel as strong or valued as they did before.
Financial: I feel that this type of discrimination has the same knock on effect like the other types of discrimination. When someone is going through a hardship, they'll try to divert all attention from them and on to other things. Thus, they could get into a financial mess through this.
Social and family life: I feel that this factor will be near enough the same as marginalisation; when someone is going through this type of torment, they will be withdrawn from their social life and family life too. They will think that it's better for them to push everyone away and be on their own. This point of seclusion leads back to my first point of anxiety and depression.
Low self-esteem and self-identity
Low self-esteem and self-identity can occur to anyone, anywhere through any type of torment or bullying. Discrimination can lead to people losing their morality, their self-worth or even their self-esteem. A person who suffers from low self-esteem can start to feel worthless and not valued; this can lead to depression.
More information on this part can be found a few slides later.
An example of someone losing their self-esteem and self-identity could be within the care home environment. The care professional who is treating the care user is a devout Christian and the care user is a Muslim who holds onto their faith strongly. The care user also wears the Hijab but this piece of headwear is frowned upon by the Christian. Through months of torment and rude comments, the Muslim woman takes off the Hijab to feel appreciated and valued within society but the knock on effect is now the opposite.
Low self-esteem and self-identity; newspaper article
This study from BBC news shows that low self-esteem can actually lead to the shrinkage of the brain.
The shrinkage of the brain can be linked in with bad memory and performing badly on tests.
Dr. Lupien believes that people who have a negative mind set need to be taught to change the way they think, so their mental health can be reversed.
If people knew of the detrimental affect low self-esteem has on an individual then maybe they would think twice of the things that come out of their mouth.
Low self-esteem and self-identity; key quote
“Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.”
Harvey Fierstein
This inspirational quote from Harvey Fierstein shows how everyone should live their life. You should never change your outlook on something, just because of a few words that someone said.
You should never feel inclined to do something against your will or even against your morals. You should never be the victim or the bully in any type of situation. Stand your ground and be the stronger individal.
Effects of low self-esteem
and self-identity
Emotional: Through low self-esteem and self-identity, the individual may start to go through a period of self-hate. They will begin to hate themselves and loathe their own thoughts. Self-hate is characterised by anger and frustration about who you are and the inability to forgive and change yourself.
Psychological: The person who feels low may start to also go through a phase of thinking they have a poor body image. This negative outlook on your own body can affect your behaviour, in terms of relationships and also work. As they have the need to be 'perfect' they'll compare themselves to others and feel even more low. This type of feeling can lead to depression and the feeling of worthlessness.
Financial: Problems with your money can occur and this can be intertwined with the fact that people who suffer from low self-esteem and self-identity, have the need to reach perfection. Financial deprivation can have a negative affect on the individual and when another problem occurs in their life, they seem to get overwhelmed.
Social and family life: Low self-esteem and self-identity can lead to insecurities but they also have the need to please people so they like, love and respect you. Through this sneaky act, the people that you were trying to impress can feel used and angry. Family and friends may also say little things which are meant to be a joke but because of the low self-esteem, you take it the wrong way because of the over-sensitivity. You may feel angered by the criticism or demolished by any comment made towards you.
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