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Social networks and the flow of everywhere

A map and process of my social networks. This is how you stay updated all the time everywhere with minimal effort

Mattias Handley

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Social networks and the flow of everywhere

http://twitter.com/mrhandley @mosadetar
http://twitter.com/mosadetar Mosade Tår posterous
http://bjj-blogg.posterous.com Blog
http://spinell.se Blog
http://mrhandley.posterous.com Bloggy
http://mrhandley.bloggy.se Bloggy
http://mosadetar.bloggy.se Google Wave Google reader
shared items sms Facebook
http://facebook.com/mosadetar Facebook
http://facebook.com/mrhandley http://se.linkedin.com/in/mattiashandley Presentations
http://www.slideshare.net/mrhandley Bambuser
http://bambuser.com/channel/mrhandley e-mail/web e-mail/web sms The Mission: Update everywhere in one action
Regardless of device (email/sms/web/app/rss)
Notifications when response
No duplicate content for followers
"online everywhere - all the time" Devices sms, email, web, apps sms only smartphones email only Web client Where do I update from?
All the time! Blog
http://pendlaren.wordpress.com/ Main flows (ie what interest me and what i write about) Internet, ecommerce
sales, leadership BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu)
discgolf, mountainbiking
Physical activities! Commuting MrHandley
Blogs, twitter, web sites
facebook Mosade Tår
Blog, twitter, facebook Pendlarbloggen
forsening.se Needs to be updated on a (almost) daily basis
Or when I have the "itch" to update Flow #1 - physical activities via email/web via sms Problem: sms updates in this flow
doesn´t update mrhandley Flow #2 - commuting Contact info and portfolio
http://mattiashandley.se e-mail/web via email/web via sms Flow #3 - business related presentations video feeds Google Reader Linkedin gets updated with
everything that lands on
http://spinell.se Google wave isn´t included in the flow.
http://mattiashandley.se is only a contact sheet.
Would be nice if it included last X entries from each site to make it more dynamic. Any day now...

Over to the conclusion! Conclusion Bloggy is a good entry point to add content via sms Posterous is a good entry point to add content via email Or as a standalone blog, or content aggregator... Twitter can be used at any point, as entry point, as exit point and/or as content aggregator Facebook and Facebook Fan pages is a content end point since it is hard to extract the data from there Posterous functions for posting to
multiple networks is one of the best
today, also the post control functions Wordpress is an extremely powerful publishing platform.
Can be used anywhere in the content chain, in any way, shape or form Thats all folks!
Contact me at: http://twitter.com/mrhandley

if you have questions or want to discuss this presentation Oh, btw...
From now on, this prezi will show the message flow from input to endpoint. Probably interesting, but you are at index 11 now. If you want to skip the message flow, press right arrow until index 62 a.k.a. Conclusion How do I update? With: It is possible to be updated everywhere,
all the time with just one update.
Different countries have different challenges,
meet them with the right tool! Some good tools to know
and utilize are theese: This presentation is about the art of keeping your presense in social networks updated everywhere all the time with minimal effort. Or in other words: How to be smart (read lazy) Prezi Scribd Bambuser mosadetar twitter mrhandley facebook mosadetar facebook mrhandley twitter
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