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The Leadership Hour

The Leadership Advantage Program is developed for people who aspire to lead themselves and others to the next level of progress and possibilities, people who dare to cultivate excellence. LAP is designed to give you the ADVANTAGE!


on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of The Leadership Hour

Hide details easily ∞ 360 o o 360 Feedback Feedback Leader
Flexibility 2nd Learning Transfer
Session 3rd Learning Transfer
Session 4th Learning Transfer
Session Leader
Development Leader
Making The
Challenge Program Flow Learning Transfer
Session LTS LTS Pre Program LTS LTS post program Presented by Event Sponsors Leadership Development Center Model Leadership Learning and Developmental Experiences Executive Leadership Mind-Set What is the future of the organization?
Where should we focus our activities?
How do we create an aligned, motivated workforce?
How do we develop capability? Envision Enable Execute Engage Contextual Factors Future Results People Present Leadership Competencies Sets Vision & Strategy
Demonstrates Business Acumen
Encourages Innovation Envision Leads Change
Fosters Collaboration
Creates a Talent Development Culture Enable Establishes Plans
Manages Performance
Solves Problems
Improves Processes Execute Motivates Others
Provides Coaching and support
Builds Effective Teams Engage Future Results People Present Sets Vision and Strategy

Demonstrates Business Acumen

Encourages Innovation Envision the Future Communicates a clear vision and direction for the future
Maintains a long-term, big-picture view of the business and global environment
Develops clear strategies to achieve growth and sustain competitive advantage
Ensures strategies are translated into clear objectives and actions plans
Allocates resources to support strategic priorities
Drives strategy execution through monitoring and measurement Keeps abreast of changes that will impact the business
Uses competitive information when making decisions
Leverages core competencies to enhance financial performance
Knows when to shift strategic direction to sustain competitive advantage
Identifies opportunities for growth Challenges status quo thinking ; encourages diverse views and perspectives
Comes up with new perspectives and paradigms that create business value
Demonstrates good judgment about innovations that will add value in the marketplace
Provides resources to support innovation initiatives Execute Efficiently Set clears performance expectations and timelines for accomplishing goals
Identifies risks and plans for contingencies
Identifies specific action steps and accountabilities
Involves others in planning and goal setting Establishes Plans

Manages Performance

Solves Problems

Improves Processes Communicates high standards for performance; does not tolerate mediocrity
Monitors and measures performance against goals
Holds individuals and teams accountable for results
Deals with problem performers early and replaces them if appropriate Anticipates problems and works to quickly resolve them
Sizes up problem situations quickly and accurately to identify root causes
Solicits relevant information through people and data
Integrates information and data to arrive at effective solutions Uses process improvement methodologies to identify opportunities for improvement
Recognizes opportunities for operational synergy and integration that others may not see
Identifies ways to improve processes that are measurable including cost reduction, cycle-time reduction and customer satisfaction Creates a climate where people want to do their best
Makes others feel their efforts and contributions are important
Reads motivations of others and uses that knowledge to facilitate high performance
Empowers others to act; gives people latitude to do the job
Trusts other to use good judgment and to do the right thing for the business
Inspires others without relying solely on authority
Recognizes others for high performance and significant accomplishments Provides on-going feedback to facilitate high performance
Gives feedback that is clear and specific
Coaches and supports when problems arise
Expresses confidence others’ ability to perform at a high level
Helps others develop competencies to improve performance
Provides resources for training and development Engage Employees Motivates Others

Provides Coaching and Support

Builds Effective Teams Sponsors teams when appropriate
Builds teams with diverse skills, background and experience
Ensures teams have a clear purpose and mission
Supports teams with encouragement and resources to ensure success Leads Change

Fosters Collaboration

Creates a Talent Development Culture Champions new ideas and initiatives
Helps others understand why change is necessary and how they will be affected
Involves others in change efforts to facilitate understanding and “buy-in”
Creates a sense of urgency and positive anticipation about change initiatives
Uses a variety of influence strategies to facilitate acceptance and implementation of change Enable Future Performance Creates a climate of open communication and candid dialogue
Expresses opinions without intimidating others
Encourages “we” versus “they” thinking
Seeks “common ground” and shared goals
Works to remove barriers to collaboration
Builds collaboration and teamwork across the organization Builds teams with complementary competencies and strengths
Anticipates long-terms talent needs and develops strategies to address them
Provides challenging and “stretching” assignments to grow skills
Identifies and develops high potential employees to ensure a pool of future talent
Rewards behavior that supports talent growth and development Development Planning Guidelines
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