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A Puzzle

No description

Erin Kofron

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of A Puzzle

PUZZLE If you are who you should be,you will set the
world on fire. Childhood
Activities Gymnastics Soccer Family Family is a safe haven in a demanding world. Baking High School KAIROS It is one of the most powerful experiences I have
ever encountered. I learned to open up & face the scariest parts of my life. I learned that even those
parts contribute to what king of a person I am. I long to return to the days when life was
filled with baking. But access to a kitchen
is gone in college, along with the easy-
going lifestlye. And so I live for summer
and winter breaks when I can revisit my
baking tools and flourescent sprinkles. Dance When you dance,
you surrender
your soul to a song. Travel On days when i'm overwhelmed I want to curl up and help Taylor plan her wedding. Part of me still can't believe she's engaged - we used to play Barbies in the backseat on the way to Florida, and now in a year my sister will be married and I'll be her maid of honor. The tropical beach across the street from our
condo, the interesting quaint, canals that act
as streets in Venice, skiing at Winter Park - all
are my places of retreat for the mind. We are who we are because
of those who love us. Getting to know myself
is an ongoing process. It is not in the stars to hold
my destiny, but in myself. Theatre
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