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How to SWIVL 2.0

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Chad Lehrmann

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of How to SWIVL 2.0

How to SWIVL 2.0
If using the school iPad mini, your SWIVL App is downloaded, and your iPad synced and ready.
You just need to open the SWIVL App and log in with your Gmail (school) Account
Turn it on
the marker
Slide the marker into the lanyard
Make sure the mic side is at the top toward your face
Press power button
for 2 green lights
Locate the mic cable
Place one end in the headphone jack of the iPad
Place the other in the microphone port on the back of the SWIVL
With the lanyard around your neck...
Press record...
And if the red light is flashing, you are recording!

Move about the room, and SWIVL follows you.
To save it to the SWIVL Cloud...
Click on the cloud
and Upload
To share with coaching partner...
On your desktop
computer, go to
Log in using Gmail, just like on the iPad.
Find your video, click Export
Then you just upload to Drive, and share with your coaching partner.
And that is how you SWIVL!
Click the capture button on the iPad
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