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Rick Riordan By: Kamille

No description

lis lab3

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Rick Riordan By: Kamille

Rick Riordan By: Kamille Rick Riordan was Born June 5, 1964. Rick is my favorite author because he writes good books, and he includes really good deatails in his books. Rick grew up in San Antonio, Texas.
He is also currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Rick was first teaching in schools.
Then he quit and started writing books. He likes writing about mystery and myth. My favorite book he wrote was the "Throne of Fire". I like it because it is well writen. He really described the story well. Some of the books he wrote are:
*The Lightning Thief.
*The Titans Curse
*The Battle of Labyrith
*The Throne of Fire
*The Sea of Monsters In his spare time rick likes to:
*Play guitar.
*Travel with his family.
*plays with children. Thank You for watching!!! :D This is one of the books rick wrote. This is also the book he wrote.
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