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Religious Education Essence Statement

No description

Christine McDonald

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Religious Education Essence Statement

I believe
We live in
the midst
of mystery
Our life can be directed
either to eternal life
or to nothingness
Six Strands
Scripture and Tradition
Social Justice
Sacrament & Worship
Human e
The Catholic School is intended
to be a community in which
the faith and practice of the
Catholic faith are passed on
and experienced.
Six learning strands
provide the conceptual framework
for Religious Education
(they help bring the blurry vision into focus)
I believe in God
the Father almighty
Creator of heaven and earth
What would Jesus do?
I want my students
to see God
in the created world
and value ecological sustainability*
I want my students
to think about
HOW God is portrayed
in THEIR media
and WHY!
Religious education promotes
critical thinking,
developing understanding
and making meaning
I want my students to value innovation, inquiry and curiosity.
Can they think critically, creatively and reflectively
about the nature of the Creator God
in their contemporary texts?
Faith is not about empty words
Faith is about reality
The words of the Apostles' creed
connect us
with our Christian ancestors
who have professed the same truth
for nearly 2000 years
Religious Education promotes basic and religious literacy
by using language, symbols and texts*,
especially sacred texts, and challenges students
to explore texts and symbols for meaning*.

I believe in Jesus Christ
God's only son, our Lord
He was conceived
by the
Holy Spirit
and born of the Virgin Mary
On the
third day
he rose again.
He ascended
into heaven,
and is seated at
the right hand
of the Father.
He will come to judge
the living and the dead.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate
Was crucified, died and was buried
A man who was truly human.
A man who modelled what it means to value DIVERSITY
and what it means to act with INTEGRITY.
I want my students to know the Jesus of history!
A man who set the benchmark for EQUITY
through fairness and social justice.
I want my students
to meet the Jesus of history
The Gospel accounts of Jesus
promote the key competency of
by modelling engagement
with diverse cultures and contexts.
Engagement with the Gospel accounts of Jesus
encourages inclusion, empathy,
compassion and awareness of the other.
I believe in the Holy Spirit
I want my students to know
that the Holy Spirit is with them
as they manage themselves.
I want my students to know
that the when we discover
the image of God in ourselves
we have encountered the Holy Spirit.
I want my students to know
that when they persevere
in the face of difficulties,
the Holy Spirit is with them
as they aim for excellence
In the communion of saints
The Holy catholic Church
I want my students to know
that 'catholic' means
'related to the whole'
and that 'the communion of saints'
is all baptised persons
This means that we have pledged to live in community
This means that we participate and contribute
to family life, school life, the life of our church
and life in civil communities
This means that we are active members of communities
who value the 'common good'
In the forgiveness of sins
The resurrection of the body
And life everlasting

I believe that God is LOVE
and that the Holy Trinity
God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit
is a communion of love
based on relationship
I want my students to know
that if they learned
and remembered
only one thing from
religious education
they would know that
We live in the midst of mystery
Our life can be directed
either to eternal life
or to nothingness
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