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Long Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

No description

Ashley Elder

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Long Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

Long Term Care Pharmacy Solutions
After Hours On Call Services
Quality Patient Care and Service
Customizable Document Management System (eQ)
A Seamless Process
We follow your processes
No change to nursing communications
24/7 clinical pharmacist available for assistance
No busy signals, voice mails or automated attendants
We answer the phone live
Standard Work flow Process
Data Entry Work flow Process
e-PharmPro History
Concept developed in 1999 for Retail Pharmacy
Live beta testing in 2003- live with Hospital ROE
First LTC Contract, 2007, CCRX and DiscoverRX
Grew to 9 States by 2009
Currently able to provide services in 30 states
Mark Steltz, MBA, RPH
Kevin Mullarkey
VP of Customer Care
George Thomas, RPH
Pharmacist Operations Manager
Team Leader
Maria Doyle, CPhT
Technician Operations Manager
Team Leader
Billie Orndorf, CPhT
Senior Supervisor
Lori Clancy, RN, BSN, CPNI
Director of Nursing Support Services
Mick McCann, RPH
Project Development/
QL Officer
Nursing Home call comes in
Technician triage's the call
Technician logs into your system
Technician resolves the call
100% resolution. No call is left with uncertainty
Nursing Home call comes in
Technician triage's the call
Technician logs into your system
Technician enters new order data into system
Pharmacist performs verification of data
New Medication order available in eMar
Here to Assist Customer Needs
Direct Link between Pharmacy and e-PharmPro
Logged into system, can see prescription status
Will page driver or delivery service for status
Will transfer RX to a 24 hour store or pharmacy service
Has all the facility's information at their fingertips as phone rings
Daily reports available
HIPAA compliant
Our Goal is Your Customer Satisfaction!
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Quality Pharmacy Support available
Nursing Question Resolved during the 1st call
Improved Employee Retention
Daily Detailed Activity Reports
Monthly Reporting by Facility
Our Team Model
Dedicated pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians servicing your clients
Proficient on facilities processes and procedures
Building relationships with your customers and your pharmacy staff
An extension of your pharmacy department, not just another vendor, we answer the phone as "YOU"
Continuous Process Improvement
If you educate one, You educate all
Constant communications used to clarify and update all processes
Daily Shift Reports
Medication Variance Report
DEA Requirements
All controlled medications require a "legal" prescription prior to nurse accessing Pyxis.
Nursing orders are not legal prescriptions.
Nurses are not "agents" of the physician unless they have a legal contract. We have Nurse Agent agreements on file for qualified pairs.
Pharmacist may take the controlled prescription, just as in a retail environment.
Controlled Prescriptions
CII process is mandated by the state, we follow all required regulations
CII to V Prescriptions
Can be verbally taken and do not require a physician signature
Can be for a month's supply with refills (some restrictions on specific medications)
With a valid prescription, we would only be sending 1-2 tablets and remainder of prescription remains with provider pharmacy for future dispensing.
Our technicians our trained on various pharmacy operating systems including:
Framework, RX30, QS-1, OMNIDX & various others
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