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The Outsiders: Sodapop Curtis

No description

Josh Ram

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders: Sodapop Curtis

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Seventeen-year-old Sodapop is Mr. Personality and backs that up with lots of heart. He has two brothers named Ponyboy and Darrel. Like Darrel, he's fashion-plate handsome, and since he's a Curtis, he's smart, athletic, and had working, to boot. In contrast to Ponyboy's conflicted emotions regarding Darry, Pony's feelings for Soda are entirely positive. He idolizes and loves his older brother and sees how smart he is. Soda's best friend is Steve. Soda and steve are really good friends and love to hang out at Soda's place. Soda really Enjoys being a greaser, although he doesn't really like to fight with anyone unless he really has no choice at all. THE OUTSIDERS: SodaPop Curtis The only problem with Soda is that Soda dropped out of high school. He dropped out because he wasn't excelling in school, and because he needs to work to help support the family. DropOut. Sodapop's Characteristics And Physical characteristics: -Caring: Soda never likes to see his brothers fight. Soda Sometimes even gets emotional about it when he said " I don't like hearin' Y'all fight all the time." -Good Looking: Ponyboy says that Soda has "Movie Star Looks." -Fun: Soda Enjoys hanging out with his brothers and his best buddy, Steve. -honest and supportive: He offered to marry sandy, talked to ponyboy in bed about darry, wrote the great letter to pony, and confronted his brothers at the park saying they should stop fighting GREASER! In the Future Years, I think that he'll remain as the same fun and loving person. Soda will continue to work at the DX Gas station and provide and support his brothers. Soda has always been there for his little brother, so Soda will help him recover from losing Two good friends. Pony couldn't handle it and started failing his classes. Soda loves Pony, so he'll be committed To help Pony boy to be who he was before. So , I guess this is the end ! I hope you enjoyed my Prezitation! :D Soda Is REALLY AWESOME! SODAPOP CURTIS!! ^.^
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