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The Leadership Credo

by Meghan Adkins, Stevie Chan, Habeeba Husain, Jenn Park, Hera Soherwardy, and Miguel Zara (Group 5)

Meghan Adkins

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Leadership Credo

As a leader, your story and credo words help your team really KNOW you, perhaps without ever having met you! Cool, huh?

Once your team understands you and your story, they get a better sense of how they can help reach company goals and expectations.

But these aren't boring business goals—they carry meaning as a result of the credo. Your team knows you aren't working for the sake of working. As such, your digital workplace is abuzz with fulfilling and worthwhile endeavors.

This is super important because when people work remotely, they may lose sight of the bigger picture when not interacting with their team members face-to-face daily.

Credo: I Believe But Do Others?
Know Your Domain
What do you wish to represent?
Know Yourself
Who you are.
Why should people believe in what you have to say/represent?
Know Your Path/Story
Life events that have influenced who you have become
Creation of your character and the forging of your strengths
Know what creates/represents a leader

After you craft your leadership credo, it's time to share it with others. You may have doubts and think, "Why would my credo matter to anyone else?"

By sharing your vision, you will co-activate new leaders in your community. Not only will you encourage belief in your leadership, but you will inspire others to think about their own visions and credos.

When other people start to share their credos, the community will grow stronger and accomplish more. As people start to understand their own credos and remember the one you shared with them, they will be motivated to work harder.

"I'll Work For Your Love"
Let's Think Digital!
This meaningful digital work environment paired with a team that cares for one another is THE place to co-activate new leaders.

Leaders who care and
see others as people
are pretty inspiring! They impart their leadership skills and assets to their team through their credos, and the cycle continues for the benefit of numerous digital teams!
The Co-Activating Cycle
Bruce Craven's Webinar:
"The credo is proactive"
Your credo is working even when you are not.
"Take people with you"
Your credo shows others your path and how to follow.
Simon Sinek's TED Talk:
Credos help great leaders inspire action.
Your credo is WHY you want to achieve a goal.
Knowing WHY attracts people who hold the same beliefs as you.
When your community believes what you believe, they will work harder for you and make your cause their own.
Leadership credos create loyalty and motivation.
Your credo inspires "innovators" and "early-adopters," and these two groups of people are more comfortable making intuitive and "gut" decisions. These people will be your co-activated leaders.
Those who lead inspire us, and we follow them not because we have to, but because we want to.
"Those who start with WHY have the ability to inspire those around them."
Next Step, How Would I Share My Great Vision with Others?
Having a credo is a great thing, however, getting others to see the non-tangible greatness can prove to be a challenge. With these simplified steps, sharing your credo about leadership can be an enlightening experience!

Use a medium that will best convey your credo and vision to your specific audience (i.e. audio podcast, artistically-driven video, PowerPoint presentation, etc.)
Use explanations and analogies so your target audience can relate as completely as possible to your credo
Make it personal! When presenting, present a personal situation to encompass your credo
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Creating and Sharing a Credo in Action!
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''Virtual teams are an integral part of today's global business environment. Traditional face-to-face communication is frequently being replaced with technology mediated communication methods including phone, email, fax, synchronous chat programs, and videoconferencing. While virtual teams offer various advantages to organizations and individuals in flexibility and the ability to overcome geographic distance, they face unique challenges. Virtual teams are often made up of members of various cultures with diverse communication styles.''

- Kellie Cummings
Credos are the "why" stage of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle."

"Credo" means
"I believe"
in Latin. You can reduce virtual distance by reminding the employees what your belief(s) is, above all, but also what your cause is and why your organization exists.

How Credos Reduce
Virtual Distance

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The Notion of a Credo Is Interesting, Now How Do I Make One?
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Further Reducing Virtual Distance
Credos are the most important morals we have!

By understanding what is important to your team, you can reduce virtual distance that separates people.

It's simple: When people understand the background of other members, they feel less distant from others.

LaPorte, D. (2012, April 10). Danielle LaPorte - A credo for making it happen.
Retrieved from www.youtube.com/watch?v=cITNveY-kig
by Meghan D. Adkins, Stevie Chan, Habeeba Husain, Jenn Park, Hera Soherwardy, and Miguel Zara
Credo Videos
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Here is a great example of how you can create and share your credo with others!
Springsteen, B. (2007). I'll work for your love. On
. [mp3]. New York, NY:
Columbia Records
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