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Resource Extraction 2013

Presentation for 2013 Resource Extraction Reception on May 1, 2013.

AEDC Anchorage, AK

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Resource Extraction 2013

Resource Extraction 10-Year Project Projection Bill Popp | May 1, 2013 Alaska's Economy GOVERNMENT EVERYTHING
ELSE OIL Alaska's Economy Viewed through jobs Total jobs in 2012:

Goods producing jobs:

Services producing jobs: Alaska's Jobs in 2012 334,125 47,150 286,975 Government ---------------------------- 84,000
Federal ---------------------------- 16,000
State ---------------------------- 26,000
Local --------------------------- 42,000
Retail Trade --------------------------- 36,000
Leisure & Hospitality ----------------- 33,000
Health Care ---------------------------- 32,900
Oil, Gas, Mining ------------------------ 30,000
Professional & Business Services ---- 28,600
Construction -------------------------- 16,600
Manufacturing ------------------------ 14,000
Financial Activities -------------------- 13,300
Seafood Processing ------------------- 10,000
Information (IT) ----------------------- 6,200 OIL, GAS & MINING Vital to the future of "everything else." Projected View: Oil, Gas & Mining Jobs Projected Investment: Oil, Gas & Mining Challenges We must: Take charge of our own destiny as a state. Thank You! Download the full report:
www. web.com AEDC Resource Extraction: 10-Year Project Projection Thank you to our research partners, Petroleum News & North of 60 Mining News Special thanks to our research partners, Petroleum News & North of 60 Mining News Retro View: Combined Oil, Gas & Mining Jobs Retro View: Mining Jobs Projected View: Mining Jobs Projected View: Mining Investment Retro View: Oil & Gas Jobs Projected View: Oil & Gas Jobs Projected View: Oil & Gas Investment Permitting
Social compacts
Commodity markets
High project costs
Lack of agreement on a vision for Alaska’s future
Time Come to agreement as Alaskans what our common vision is for Alaska’s future. Develop our energy and mineral resources now if we are to avert a significant decline in our economy due to likely cuts in federal spending and the continued decline in oil production. We are now and will be for generations to come a resource extraction based economy.
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