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Copy of Sentences: Independent Clauses, Simple and Compound Sentences

A brief summary of independent clauses, simple sentences, conjunctions, and compound sentences.

Elizabeth Boak

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Sentences: Independent Clauses, Simple and Compound Sentences

Independent Clauses and Sentence Types. What is a clause? A CLAUSE is a group of words that contains
a subject and a verb. Example: Your genes carry your family's
genetic history. Subject Verb An independent (or main) clause expresses
a complete thought. It can stand alone as a
complete sentence. A simple sentence consists of just one
independent clause. EXAMPLES: 1. Most TV shows involve families. 2. Most people relate to a fictional familty. A COMPOUND SENTENCE consists of two or more independent clauses joined together, often with a conjunction. EXAMPLES: TV families often own dogs, but they
rarely owned cats. African American families were not on TV in the early days; that situation is very different today. Why does this matter? Writing with different sentence structures will help you
clarify the relationships between your ideas and add variety
to your writing. EXAMPLE: Draft: Other black characters had been on TV.
The Jeffersons was the first show
about an afluent black family.
The show was a spinoff from All in the Family.
The show lasted for ten years. Revision: Other black characters had been on TV, but The
Jeffersons was the first show about an affluent black family. The show
was a spinoff of All in the Family and it lasted for ten years. Write the following sentence. By changing the order of
words and adding more words, make 5 new sentences!

"Non-magic people (more commonly known as Muggles)
were particularly afraid of magic in medieval times, but not
very good at recognizing it." - HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Duh!) TIGER PAUSE:

Read the following carefully and number the events in the correct sequence.

Adam was training for the track meet for his middle school. He was to run in three races alone and in one relay. He practiced each day. The first thing he did was to stretch his muscles and make sure his muscles were ready to run. He stretched for ten minutes each morning. Then, he would run up and down the stadium steps three times before heading to the track. After running up the stadium steps, Adam would do twenty laps around the track. Finally, he would run all the way home and eat a large breakfast before showering.

________ Adam ran up and down the stadium steps three times.
________ He took a shower.
_________Adam stretched his muscles for ten minutes.
_________ He ate a large breakfast.
_________ Adam did twenty laps around the track.
_________ He ran all the way home Quiz Time! If you finish early, work on your "10 Year Vision" for tomorrow or read silently!
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