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"Dean of American Negro Composers"

William Grant Still

Alyssa lackey

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of "Dean of American Negro Composers"

William Grant Still "Dean of American Negro Commposers" Childhood Born on May 1895

in Woodsville, Mississipi
Raised in Little Rock, Arkanas and by parents both teachers and musicians Grant became inspired

the violin Wilberforce University for a B.S. Degree

Oberlin Conservatory of Music
conducting and arranging
Worked for CBS or WOR
Deep River Hour Serious Composer in 1920's
Jubilee Prize 1944
Freedoms Foundation Award 1953

Blue Steel
Troubled Island
A Bayou Legend
The Pillar
From The Furnace of the Sun Famous Operas first to conduct a major orchestra of his own compostition Firsts first to conduct a symphony in the south as an African American first to conduct a white radio orchestra in NYC first to have an opera produced by a major company as well as an opera to be televised! Later passed away on December 3, 1978 Famous for his composition and conducting but also famous for his operas and folk songs and spirituals that pulled through time.

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