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Characteristics of Limited and Unlimited Government

No description

Parker Turley

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Characteristics of Limited and Unlimited Government

The act of conquering.
Colonization occurs whenever any one or more species populate an area. Human colonization is a narrower category than the related concept of colonialism. Colonization refers strictly to migration.
Limited Government: Has documents, a group of people, and some sort of checks and balances limiting the power of the government. You have the right to vote and have a lot more freedom than Unlimited Government has.

Unlimited Government: Has nothing limiting the power of the government. You do not get the right to vote, and do not get the same amount of freedom that limited government has.

An example of conquest is the U.S.A at war with Iraq
An example of
colonization is bringing Birds from Brazil and making a letting them go free in the wild in America.
An example of limited government is checks and balances.
An example of unlimited government is dictatorship.
Communism is a classless political system<wealth is owned in a classless society by all the members of that society.
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