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Hot Flat, and Crowded

No description

Connor Flynn

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Hot Flat, and Crowded

AP Human Geography
Why We Need A Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America
Thomas L. Friedman
Connor P. Flynn
Aug, 2013
Global Weirding Climate Change
Climate change is mother nature taking a beating from human destruction. "All you can do is fit in like a species, when a species doesn't fit in with mother nature, it gets kicked out." Friedman says. Most of rural areas use the least resources and people contribute the least pollution there but are being effected the most. Our generation is in need of new technological advancements in "Intervention the abundant, clean, reliable, cheap resources." Importantly strengthening conservation, "regards the Earth and natural resources for our despoil, present needs, wants, and desires" will be useful for the global weirding crisis.
Hot Flat, and Crowded

Globalization Project
The Law of Petropolitics, Friedman argues that petroleum states tend to use governments power to dictate their revenues. They take the easy road out by drilling a hole in the ground for oil rather than
investing in their people’s minds, energy, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The petroleum states lack the freedom their people need to better the economy. If people were not so dependent on oil like Friedman said, "people conclude that their country is poor and the leader, or some group, are rich not because the country has failed to promote education, innovation, rule of law, and entrepreneurship, but only
because someone is stealing the oil money and depriving them of their due." (Friedman) With high taxation only the dictator is gaining not the people.
North America could become self-sufficient in liquid fuels in roughly 12 years,” Mr. Gerard said, citing figures from the International Energy Agency. “And as a potential energy exporter, we can help bring greater stability to the geopolitics of energy, to say nothing of the positive impacts increased U.S. supply would have for U.S. businesses, workers and consumers.” But he cautioned that this rosy future was dependent on the federal government’s not interfering with his industry, by, say, raising taxes on oil companies, or imposing new environmental regulations on fracking operations, or limiting greenhouse gas emissions from refineries.The oil and gas industry gets no subsidies, zero, nothing,” he said. “We get cost-recovery benefits, much like other industries. You can go down the road of allowing economic activity, generating hundreds of billions to the government, or you can take the alternative route by trying to extract new revenue from industry by increasing their cost to do business.”
The New York Times JOHN M. BRODER
Fill'Er Up with Dictators
"An international panel of scientists has found with near certainty that human activity is the cause of most of the temperature increases of recent decades, and warns that sea levels could conceivably rise by more than three feet by the end of the century if emissions continue at a runaway pace. It is extremely likely that human influence on climate caused more than half of the observed increase in global average surface temperature from 1951 to 2010,” the draft report says. “There is high confidence that this has warmed the ocean, melted snow and ice, raised global mean sea level and changed some climate extremes in the second half of the 20th century.”
New York Times
Justin Gillis
The Age of Noah Biodiversity
Our existence is only possible because of the nature created before. Atoms construct the fierce wonders in the world, all created from the same thing. For us to save ourselves we must first save what created us. "Conservation International estimates that one species now goes extinct every 20 minutes,
a thousand times faster than the norm during earth’s history. Incredible yet we depend on the whole web of life for our survival." Preservation of the earth’s biodiversity makes you really think of The Age of Noah.
Coral reefs around the world are worth a staggering $172 billion dollars a year to the global economy. But the wealth of the oceans' reefs, and their amazing monetary value, is on the verge of being destroyed. Natural capital is under direct threat, and the combined pressures of climate change, ocean acidification, urbanization, pollution and logging are pushing the natural world to the brink. "We are at risk of seriously damaging the global economy if we do not." "They are irreplaceable. We should not only be recognizing them as high-capital assets, we should be paying someone to look after them. We need to recognize the true value of these resources as sources of clean water, as warehouses of biodiversity, as locations where over a billion people earn their livelihoods.
CNN - Costing the Earth, Investing in Protecting the Planet - Matt Ford
is The New Red, White, and Blue
The Stone Age Didn't End Because We Ran Out of Stones
“That is why I am convinced that the ability to develop clean power and energy efficient
technologies is going to become the defining measure of a country’s economic standing,
environmental health, energy security, and national security over the next fifty years. This is “Code
Green”. “Green is the new red, white, and blue: because it is a strategy that can help to ease global
warming, energy poverty, petrodictatorship, and energy supply shortages—and make America stronger at the same time”. (Frieman) Go green for the world because you should be grateful for your life.
Go green for our planet, the only reason you are thinking and breathing right now. In life why not give all you got!
Innovation in energy and engineering is the start to our oil crisis. Our demand for oil is growing and before we know it our resources will run out. The atmosphere needs protection from harmful emissions. A government policy "to stimulate exponential innovation by shaping the market”. can improve by carbon tax and selling gas as the real market price.
"Money invested in renewable energy reached new heights last year, topping $257 billion. The figures come from The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2012 report, a UN Environment Program backed study that has tracked the finance flowing into green energy across the world since 2004. It found that renewables accounted for 44% of all new energy generation capacity added last year, up from 34% in 2010 and just 10.3% back in 2004." This is a leap in the correct direction for reusable resources.
Matt Barringer
Freedom is our humanly gift we have on Earth. When a government like the petropolitics way of profit does not help the people or their education. Governments should use the power of peoples creative minds to draw new ideas for a better tomorrow.
Enhancements for the climate change are important not only for the food chain of animals but our existence as well. We do not want to wait until it is too late to apply efforts in protecting the future.
The complex biodiversity is beyond our understanding. The key thing to do is conserve the hope and knowledge for a growing world.
Green situations are being created with the creative mind of people around the globe. If people can work together like a real society of growing thoughts, it could make a difference for the generations ahead.
New reusable intervention is important for a running system thriving on oil and dependent on the controlling society. If are market runs smoothly so will our peoples lives.
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