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The Odyssey-Cattle of the Sun God

No description

Ava Reisel

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey-Cattle of the Sun God

by Cassie Miller and Ava Reisel
pages 218 to 225 The Cattle of the Sun God Summary Passage Analysis Discussion
Questions And the lord Helios
burst into angry speech amid the immortals:
'O Father Zeus and gods in bliss forever,
punish Odysseus' men! So overweening,
now they have killed my peaceful kine, my joy
at morning when I climbed the sky of stars,
and evening, when I bore westward from heaven.
Restitution or penalty they shall pay-
and pay in full-or I go down forever
to light the dead men in the underworld.'

lines 364 to 420 In this passage, Helios is threatening Zeus,that if he does not punish Odysseus and his men for eating his cattle, that he will leave the sky. He is saying that his cattle are his pride and joy and he is so upset that the men have slayed them. He is so upset that he threatens to stop shining his light as the sun in the sky and instead go shine his light in the underworld for the dead men. In reply to this, Zeus agrees to punish the men with his powerful lighting bolt. In this episode, Odysseus and his men travel to the island of Thrinakia – land of Helios’s cattle – which Odysseus wants to sail past since he’s been warned against it about twelve times. Since his men are tired, they decide to stay on the island, but as long as they didn't eat any of the cattle. It then storms for a month and their food supply runs out. Odysseus still will not let them eat the cattle, but when he takes a nap, his men are so hungry that they decide to eat the cattle. Helios gets mad, and begs Zeus to punish Odysseus's men or he will shine his light only down in the underworld. Zeus tells Helios he will destroy the ship and when Odysseus sets sail with his men, they are struck by Zeus's bolt and all are killed but Odysseus. Odysseus is sent back to Charybdis and Scylla, but manages to escape. He then is sent back to the lair Calypso. Why do you think Odysseus gives into his men when they want to land on the island of Helios' cattle?
How do you think Odysseus feels about his men when they disrespect his orders and what does he do?
What does Zeus say he will do for Helios and why does he do it?
How does Odysseus escape Charybdis and Scylla when he is the only one to survive?
Where does Odysseus end up when he gets his ship back from Charybdis? (hint: goddess) Pictures http://www.xtimeline.com/evt/view.aspx?id=162155 Pictures http://www.glogster.com/ezop22/helios-sun-god/g-6lllqo2ntht1st5nhj02da0
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