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Introduction to Japan

No description

Ryan Churchward

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Japan

1. 99% of the people are Japanese.
2. Most people live in cities or on the coastal plain.
3. They wear mostly modern wear, but sometimes
kimonos for weddings and festivals.
4. There is a 99% literacy rate.
5. The GDP per person is around $39,000.
Turn and Talk:
Literacy rate : 99%-
What does that say
about the country?
6.The official religions are first:
Shintoism and then: Buddhism.
What are the two main
religions of Japan?
7. 75% of the land is mountainous.
8. It has 40 active volcanoes.
9. Mt. Fuji is the highest peak and is an inactive volcano.
10.Tsunamis are a deadly natural disaster in Japan .
11. Japan has few natural resources.
12. Oil is the main import.
13. Japan is the World's largest fish industry. (5 million pounds a day).
Turn and talk: What do you think is Japan's main
Cars, electronics and computers
13. Japan has a constitutional monarchy. It has a Prime Minister as well as an Emperor.
The Emperor has no real power but is greatly respected. Can you think of any other countries that have a leader similar to this?
14. Most people live in crowded urban areas.
15. Many live in 3 room apartments called Danchi.
Extra videos:
Also, there are micro-apartments.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
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