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Presentation on Atheism

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Spencer Richman

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Presentation on Atheism

theists in America
Spencer Richman & Stacey Storaker
The information in this project is being presented as objectively as possible. We are in no way attempting to demean anyone's religion or religious beliefs.
A Presentation on Atheism
Introduction to Atheism
What is Atheism?
What do Atheists Believe?
At its core, the lack of belief in a god or gods. However, it extends beyond just a disbelief in gods and manifests itself in many different ways. (http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=6487)
Many atheists encourage a belief in logic and reason as opposed to faith.
There are many different types of atheism, all with minor or major differences that some people feel defines them better than just a non-belief in a god or Gods. (http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=6487)
Many would assume that this question is better phrased as "what do atheists
believe", but in fact, atheists do hold many beliefs that can vary greatly from person to person and group to group.
There are atheists who hold no beliefs and instead choose to follow atheism as a complete lack of belief, drawing no connections to religion. However, depending on what type of atheist a person is, they can still follow the teachings of the Bible (Christian Atheism), the cultural identities of Judaism (Jewish Atheism) and many other belief systems that may seem inherently non-atheist. (http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=6487)

The Demographics of Atheism
Atheism in America vs. the World
Atheism State-by-State

Atheist Life in America
Spotlight #1
Spotlight #2
21 Important Moments
Atheists are far from being one single group of people. Anyone from any background can be an atheist.
Atheists in Popular Culture
Some Form of Media
The Struggle for Acceptance
Please note that this video is representative only of the views of the creator and is only a good representation of what some atheists believe.
Atheists have had a profound effect on American pop culture.
5 Reasons Not to Come Out as Atheist
Atheists in the United States have faced and continue to face persecution and mistreatment for their beliefs.
Reason 5 is irrelevant to America
May find a better video in the future
In Summary
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