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Harlem Renaissance Poetry

No description

Meredith Solo

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance Poetry

Harlem Renaissance Poetry
A Black Man Talks of Reaping
By: Arna Bontemps
About the Author:
Arna was born in Louisiana and raised in California.
He taught at several religious academies and wrote "Black Thunder''
He ran the library at Fisk University in Nashville, making it a major center for African Americans studies.
Stanza Structure & Idea It Develops
First Stanza:quatrain
He has worked long and hard all year.
Second Stanza:quatrain
He has little to show for his hard work and not fully benefiting from it.
Third Stanza: quatrain
Other people benefit from his labors and his children become regretful and bitter.

About the Author:
In 1917 McKay Published two Sonnets "The Harlem Dancer''
His first collections of poems, "Songs of Jamaica'' (1912), won an award from the Institute of Arts and letters.
McKay moved To Harlem in 1914, after studying at Tuskegee and Kansas State Teachers College.
Stanza Structure & Idea It Develops
The Tropics in New York
By Claude McKay
First stanza : quatrain
Lust Tropical Fruit
Second Stanza:quatrain
Memories of fruit trees nuns Prayers.
Third Stanza: quatrain
Desire for the old days and Missing his country.
From the Dark Tower
By Countee Cullen
About the Author:
Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised by foster parents in New York.
He won a city-wide competition for his poem "I have a Rendezuous with life''
Cullen's poetry was published in W.E.B Dubois's magazine, The Crisis.
Stanza Structure &Idea It Develops
Stanza Structure:Octave
They will not always work for others to benefit and the lesser men award them cheap and they are not meant to forever suffer.
Stanza Structure:Sestet
Black people are not less valued then white,But in the mean time we will bear and hide our suffering.
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