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Mining Company's Hymn

Ideas and Annotations

Alexandra Jennings

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Mining Company's Hymn

Strong Links to the Land
The Aboriginals Distrust in the Protection Policy
Quote: "and my government will always comfort me"

Technique: Sarcasm

Meaning: In the quote, it states that the government will comfort him. This is sarcasm as we know that is what the government will say but it is very different from what the government will do. The meaning of this quote is that the government is deceiving and Aboriginals do not trust the protection policy.
Mocking The Australian Government and the Protection that they give.
Quote: "The Government is my shepherd, I shall not want"

Technique: Religious Allusion, Symbolism, Intertextuality

Meaning: Refers to the bible and the Australian governments ruling of the Aboriginal race. It also refers to the protection policy and how the Aboriginal people did not want it.

Mining Company's Hymn
Quote: "...vaults of the land,"

Technique: Metaphor.

Meaning: That the Aboriginal culture has strong links to the land and that the land holds the culture of The Dreaming and the values with in their beliefs. The land will always hold the Aboriginal traditions and cultures even though the people may forget.
Skepticism of Materialism
Quote: "Surely wealth and materialism will shorten the days of my life"

Technique: rhetorical question,

Meaning: The composer believes that holding material things above spirituality will lead to a less fulfilled life. The rhetorical question causes the reader to think deeper into the meaning of wealth and materialism and questions whether or not the life that is being bought on to them is what they really want.
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