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8th Grade Parent Teacher Conferences

No description

Arisa Sadeghpour

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of 8th Grade Parent Teacher Conferences

Arisa Sadeghpour Parent Teacher Conferences Sports I am not a very athletic person, but I still try hard to improve in any sport and I try to have good sportsmanship. Debate Purpose Academics To get better at speaking and researching Now.... I love it, and am committed to it. Math 8th Grade Honors: First was a bit shaky, lower scores than previously, but I stuck with it and next quarter I raised my average by 11 points. I realized I had to pay more attention and put more care into my work... and it worked! English This year, analytical writing was really a struggle for me.
I had never really done any writing like this before.
At first I consistently made C's,
but I listened to Ms. Duong's advice, and in the last paper I made a B+, which is a large improvement from before.
Now, on my papers I put more effort into them, and this upcoming one I strive to improve.
Writing will really help me in high school. Enjoying I have really started to enjoy math, and I think it is one of my favorite subjects.
In high school I plan to take math honors, like I did this year. I enjoy the challenge. Throughout my middle school years English has been one of my hardest subjects.
At first I struggled with grammar, but throughout the years I got better. But in 8th grade writing was a struggle for me 8th Grade I really focus on academics and I strive to do my best. I think the reason I have been so successful is that I always do my homework and most of all I pay attention in class. Volleyball In volleyball, both 7th and 8th grades, I really enjoyed my volleyball experience. I was on B team with some of my friends . We all became very close and we were one team together, and out of them I felt like the leader.
I got to know some people better.
It was one of my middle school highlights Community
Service Before... After... Before I came to SJS in 6th grade, I had not really done any type of community service But after three years, of Special Olympics, of day of givings , and advisory projects, I really have grown to love doing community service for the profits , and for the experience. I always have fun and feel rewarded at the end. SJS Middle School has given me the opportunity to do community service, and some of my highlights at the middle school are doing community service THE END!
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