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Bailey Lowe

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Tradesmen

Tradesmen trade goods or learned a trade starting at age 7. They traded food, raw materials, luxuries, salt, iron, textiles, silk, spices,clothes, shoes, alcohol, glass, and stone. They learn trade till they perfected them. they were usually employed to a master or others in there village. lived in middle of cities some times so they could attain business. Their trade determined there last name. Examples are Miller, Smith, Cooper, Fletcher, Driver, Skinner, Tanner, and Hunter.
Houses and Living Conditions
Houses in the Middle Ages were ugly, not attractive, crowded with 1 or 2 families living in them, one or two stories ( Second story was used as house and bottom was for business.), dark, dank, cold ( Sometimes it was hotter outside then it was inside), had dirt floors, were very easy for theft, had a Louvre ( a chimney), and had a fire for cooking. Trade boats were dirty and crowded so it you went day to day to survive.
Clothing and Food
Tradesmen wore wool clothing, undergarments made of linen. They wore knee length tunics with a belt made of fabric or leather. The brighter the color of the wool (After dyed with a color), the better the materials, and the longer the jacket was a sign of more wealth. Unlike today where it is good to be skinny and we eat vegetables and fruits to be healthy. It wasn't in medieval times the rich eat a bunch fat food and the poor ate health things.Since tradesman weren't the richest people they ate health things like barley/rye,dairy products, pottage lamb, beef, pork, herbs,vegetables fruits from bushes/trees,honey, nut and if they lived near water fish.
Philosophy and Recreation
Tradesmen in the Middle Ages liked to entrain themselves by talking, drinking, playing dice and board games, dancing, singing playing instruments and wrestling with friends and family. The tradesmen were Catholic and believed in god and thought religion was the most important thing in life. Also they gave priest offering to make sure they went to heaven.
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