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Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission

Presented to the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board by Matt Brown, 02.21.13

Matt Brown

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission

Using Social Media to
Advance Your Mission Matt Brown
MKE123 Coordinator
Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee Takeaways for Today: Introduction: What is social media?
Where did it come from?
Why should I care? How can social media help my nonprofit? Strategic planning
Reaching stakeholders How to do it: First steps
Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls First, some success stories Epic Change used Twitter to raise $11,000 in just 48 hours to help build a classroom in Tanzania! 98% of donors had never before donated to Epic Change. “Dollars for Darfur” group on Facebook has over 5,000 student members and raised almost $150,000 in 2007 to help stop the genocide in Sudan. Minnesota organizations used Facebook and Twitter to raise over $10,000,000 in just 1 day! On March 8, 2012, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation offered matching funds for one day Raising over
through Facebook and Twitter! $1,000,000 Let's go back... Origins of the
Web 2.0 The Social
Web What is Social Media? Internet-based applications Uses Web2.0 tools Allows for the creation and exchange
of user-generated content Social media is a Conversation tool. Social media is NOT a mouthpiece. Getting Started Make a Plan. Plans Policies vs What you can do/how to do it
Used/referred to on a daily basis
Created by staff/supervisors
Essential for effective social media use What you can't do/what happens if you do
Used only when necessary
May require lawyer/board input
May be required for certain organizations How to get your FREE copy:
Go to www.idealware.org
Search for “Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide”
Provide name and email address, click “Submit”
Download PDF for free The Nonprofit
Social Media Decision Guide Assessment Objectives Audience Tools Implementation Measurement Where are you at? Staff time Experience What is your existing marketing/ communications plan? Do you need a social media policy? Why are you choosing social media? What is your organization's voice? What goals are you specifically trying to accomplish? Be Creative. How does it further the mission of the organization? How will social media help? Be SMART. Goal Everyone! Blogging Platforms Media-Sharing Networks Online Communities Social Networks Who do you need to reach to achieve your goal? What tools will help us reach our audience? Who? What? When? How? Social Media
Coordinator Social Media Committee Marketing/
Director Executive
Director Board
Members Staff
Members Champion for cause
Responsible for majority of posting
Super-admin status
Oversees posting, maintains consistency Assist with content generation, posting
Admin status
Help create plan, provide guidance Member of committee
Communicates with SoMe Coordinator to maintain message consistency Occasional featured postings Updated LinkedIn
Liking/sharing organizational posts
Help promoting specific events Contribute to content generation
Occasional featured postings
Updated LinkedIn Not Personal Highly Personal Unrelated to Mission Important to Mission Personal Tidbits Irrelevant Social Content News Item Hanging up the balloon - the smiley face ones are my favorite! What's up with that new American Idol judge? Behind-the-scenes: Picking up Ali Smith, our keynote speaker. She's one inspiring woman! Personal and heartfelt: Just wait until you hear about the winning organizations. I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing community! Questions: What do you want Ali to address in her keynote? Register now for our awards ceremony on Dec 6th. (How much?) Facebook promotes "top content" Post 3-7
times per week Make sure they're worth it! (engagement...) Twitter happens in real time Post 2-10
times per day Be mindful of when you post
Make lists & columns
Follow hashtags (#)
Schedule Tweets in advance Flexible format Choose a schedule and stick to it Regularity > Frequency Flexible format Decide how you want to use LinkedIn Varies based on community On MKE123, post 1-3 times per week Facebook Twitter Blogging LinkedIn Online Communities Rule of Thirds Hootsuite.com "Self Posts" Interactive Sharing Views Followers Engagement Conversion Which metric matters? Social Media Users Targeted for
this message General
Public Employers Decision-
legislators Social Media Strategy:
Developing a Plan for Your Organization Making Lemonade:
Preparing for Social Media Failures March 14, 9:00 am - noon April 25, 9:00 - 11:00 am Matt Brown @mattbrown87 | @mke123org | @nonprofitMKE
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