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Harry Holguin

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of INDIA

Country Information
Verbal Greeting and Etiquette
The most common greeting in India is "Namaste", which means I bow to you.
A short and light,not firm, hand shake is preferred for a business approach.
Meetings in India usually begin with small talk that may include personal questions, as a way to build trust and relations, before a meeting.
In Indian dinning it is expected for every one to wait for the host or the elder to begin eating.
Business attire for men would be suits and ties. For women the attire is conservative pant suits and dresses.
Always use the right hand when giving your business card
India first became a unified country, in 1950after winning it's Independence from Great Britian.
Before British rule India was a group of kingdoms. India actually meant Kingdom between Afghanistan and China
The primary languages spoken in India are Hindi, and English.
Indians are third fastest growing Asian population here in Stockton at 7.55%, Viatnamese being first and Chinese second
The Indian currency is the Rupee (INR), which has an exchange rate of 1INR= $0.01613 USD, the inverse is $1USD=62.9999 INR
The Indian time zone is UTC + 05:30 which equals to 13.5 hours difference. When it is midnight here in California it is 1:30pm in India
Indian Cuisine is over 2000 years old, and often considered the oldest cuisine in the world
There is no National dish, as each ethnically diverse region has there own specialty.
Although Indian food is predominantly Vegetarian, different regions as well as Indian American restaurants, serve plenty of meat dishes.
India's Influence on the western world came about through the spice trade. Many of the seasons we have today came from India
A variety of Tastes such as smooth & savory to fiery hot, can be enjoyed in their Aloo Gobi, Palak Paneers and Curry.
In Stockton and the surrounding cities there are about 7 Indians restaurants, Of these, I recommend Swagat Indian Cuisine on March Lane. Ananda! Enjoy!
Current Issues
Present day relations between India and the United States, has increased; as the US has taken notice of India's rapidly growing economy.
As India continues to grow, their need for technology has made them the 3rd largest market for Dell technology.
India is the number one country for outsourcing in the world. US companies today look to India for outsourcing needs since the cost of labor and in some cases benefits are at a lower cost compared to the US labor force.
As of this week President Barack Obama has endorsed India's full membership to the newly reformed United Nations Security Council
In 2008 Cricket player Rinku Singh won an Indian reality show, that was looking for the fastest pitching arm in India. Rinku and runner up Patel were invited to the US to train, where they eventually tried out for Major League Baseball. To their surprise both were signed to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Thus, becoming the first Indians to play professional baseball in history.
Religions, Family, Traditions, and Beliefs

80% of the Indian population practice Hinduism, which is a multi-diety religion. Hinduism is also considered the oldest living religion in the world
Indian families begin with the elders in regards to importance, followed by well to do members who consider it their responsibility to look after those less fortunate in the family.
Two of the most important cultural celebrations in India, are the Dewali (Festivial of lights) and the Holi festival (festival of Happiness).
These Holidays are celebrated each year here in Stockton. The Holi celebration will be held this on Thursday March 5th at the Stockton Vishnu Temple. The Dewali will be held in November.
Most indians believe in the four points consisting of Dharma, Karma, Samsara, Moksha.
S.Bivens, C. Lagera, A. Loza, H. Holguin
Indians In Early Stockton
Chicken Tika
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