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Patrick Filipowicz

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Piety

Other Words for Piety
The word piety comes from the Latin word Pietas which means to be devout or good and this is why piety also has to do with being loyal to God. Devotion, Holiness, Veneration, Faithful, Reverence, Spirituality, Fervour and Religious are a few words that we found that have the same meaning as Piety. They all have to do with being a holy person and putting faith in God first.
Symbols that can be associated with Piety
A few symbols that we found while browsing the internet that represent this gift were: Praying hands, and a Rosary. I think that this represents piety because it is portraying holiness to God, being Reverent and it shows strength in spirituality. Praying the rosary and praying to God in general shows piety and reverence.
People that portray Piety
Throughout history, many people have portrayed Piety. But to us, the best example of someone that portrayed Piety sometime in their life was Jesus. Jesus was the best example to mankind on how to live life according to God. He showed piety because he was a holy person, he prayed to God, he listened to God, he lived the way God wanted him to, he never gave up even in the tough time of crucifixion. He had a goal to make the world a better place by freeing us from sin, he did not stop at anything to accomplish this. He trusted God, put his life in his hands and did everything he could to live his life according to God. Jesus was and still is the best example of the gift of Piety. He put God before everything and found strength within him. Jesus portrays the Gift of Piety.
What Piety Offers us
This gift offers us faithfulness to God. It allows us to be loyal to God by praying to him and trusting him. It means putting your faith in action and not losing hope in tough times. The gift of piety gives us the ability to find joy and strength in God to live happily by putting faith in everything you do. Piety offers us the strength to be reverent and holy to God and make your everyday life reflect God's name.
Praying Hands
How We Can Make This Visible in Our World
The gift of Piety can be made visible throughout our world today by simply practicing on how to show piety, learning exactly what it is, maybe making it a part of every schools curriculium. Its impossible to make Piety visible in the world if people don't know what it is, what it means, or how to show it. We can make the Gift of Piety visible by also addressing all of the gifts of the holy spirit to children at a young age. Then, maybe those people will show piety and pass it on to other generations making the world a better place.
How We Can Make This Gift Visible In Our Life
We can make the gift of Piety visible in our own lives by learning about what Piety is. Once we know what it is we can put it into play in our own lives. Going to church on Sundays, actually listening to what the priest preaches, showing it to other people around us, praying to God daily, confessing your sins. It doesn't take much to show Piety and make it visible in your own lives. It just takes some commitment.
How Piety Contributes to Solidarity
Piety contributes to Solidarity because it means to be a holy and reverent person, always looking for God to light the way. When you show Piety, you are showing unison between you and God. You are working together to help each other whether its by praying, asking for guidance, help, anything. Being a reverent person means you are showing solidarity because you are strengthening your unity with God, your bond with him. You team up with God, ask him for help, forgiveness, and you will be showing Solidarity and Piety at the same time. Being holy to God and working in unison.
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