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Mapping ROI

No description

Justin Brooke

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of Mapping ROI

From Start Up to ROI
A proven step-by-step process and set of tools to consistently create profit with digital marketing.

It must work for all demographics
It must work for all markets
It must work for B2B & B2C
It must work for services and products
It must work for all the different types of offers
What Does It Mean?
Rely on Fundamentals
Based on over 1,000,000 paid website clicks in a wide variety of markets, such as weight loss, stock trading, B2B services, marriage advice, bodybuilding, cosmetic dentistry, and sinus infections with ROI ranging from 80% to 600%.
Bringing Order To Chaos...
Just a Few More Steps
Next Steps...
The Formula
Mapping Digital ROI
Systematic Process For Consistent Digital Marketing ROI
Case Studies
Implemented only half of this system and generated 19,000 fans, 5,000 email subscribers, hundreds of customers. Before our system they were earning $75 per customer and after our system they were earning $200 per customer.
Justin Brooke
Got started in 2007 with just $60 on Google Adwords and doubled his money for 11 months in a row. After an internship where he studied the worlds best marketing minds; Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Joe Sugarman, and many more.

Has since generated billions of ad impressions, sold millions of dollars worth of products, been hired by dozens of millionaires, and built a highly sought after ad agency.

His clients include Snuggie, Trump University, Michael Masterson, Empower Network, Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, StansberryResearch, MarineD3, Kent Clothier, and many others.
About Me
The Challenge:
The Solution:
Proven marketing fundamentals culled from direct response advertising, inbound marketing, and growth hacking.

Plus all the checklists, process maps, templates, worksheets, diagrams, and spreadsheets to make implementation - "plug-&-play easy."
Market Entry
Customer Avatar:
Lead Gen.
Landing Pages:
Profit Signals
Competitive Intel:
Marketing Automation:
Sales Funnel:
Growth Hacks
Capped at $120,000/yr revenue for 5 years. Then implemented this system in 2013 and have since brought in over 7 figures revenue with
6 profitable quarters back to back.
First I need feedback and much more proof. I'm looking for ways to prove my formula in vastly different businesses. From VC backed SaaS companies to toy makers to chiropractors to retail clothing stores.

Once I have substantial proof, feedback, and endorsements I want to publish a book to get this formula into the hands of every business owner in the world.

After that maybe a certification program, get it into colleges, workshops, and license it to other agencies.
The Tools
What "Mapping Digital ROI" Means To Me...
Based on What???
Our data shows that the one thing that doesn't change is
human psychology
. Which is why my system for creating consistent ROI relies heavily on solid proven marketing fundamentals, not fads or tech.
Customer Avatar Template
Fill in the blanks powerpoint presentation for creating your customer avatar.
Competitive Intel Spreadsheet
Pre-formatted spreadsheet for collecting and analyzing all of your competitors digital marketing efforts.
Sales Video Script Template
Question prompts for getting inside the mind of the customer. Plus sales pitch checklist and pre-planned flow to increase engagement.
Examples of proven tofu, mofu, and bofu lead magnets in other markets. Plus instructions for creating them.
Landing Page Template Kit
Templates for every type of landing page needed. Including lead gen, sales, webinars, confirmation, download, and thank you pages.
7 Part Email Follow Up Series
Instructions and samples for creating the first 7 follow up emails.
Annual Content Planner
52 week content calendar.
5 Page Website Template
Instructions and templates for creating the 5 key pages for your website.
High Response Blogging Theme
Specially designed blog theme for increasing social sharing, lead generation, and sales.
Common Sales Funnel Diagrams
Diagrams of proven sales funnels for service, membership, ecommerce, and product based businesses.
Social Status Swipe File
Examples of the 12 different types of social status updates that create trust, desire, and engagement.
Marketing Management Spreadsheet
Pre-formatted spreadsheet for tracking your weekly marketing activity across multiple channels.
L.O.P.A. Ideas & Research Guide
Includes Google search queries, email scripts, and process map for opening and landing opportunities.
Growth Hacks Checklist
Checklist of popular proven growth hacks and instructions for implementing them.
3 Phase Campaign Process Map
Proven 3 phase process for discovering what works, removing wasted spend, and scaling profitable ad campaigns.
It starts with clarity on who you are targeting. You need to know the age, gender, race, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and location of your ideal customer.
Best Practice
Include your target customers awareness level according to the Eugene Schwartz Customer Awareness Scale. Without this you run the risk of your message not resonating with your prospects.
You can shortcut your learning curve if you create a spreadsheet to analyze and collect all of your competitors digital marketing efforts.
Best Practice
SimilarWeb.com =
Monthly visitors, referring sites, downstream sites
SEMRush.com =
Keywords, rankings, ads, landing pages
WhatRunsWhere.com =
Banner ads, networks, placements, landing pages
OpenSiteExplorer.org =
Backlinks, anchor text, social signals
The lead magnet for the top of your funnel should attractive anyone within your market. Name & email is all you really need from them at this stage.
Best Practice
Useful things like a free web app, document, or kit will increase your response rate, because they save the user time. Whitepapers and videos cost the user time and have less perceived value.
We borrow the widely used and proven
lead generation strategy from the inbound marketing ideology.
We start out by getting clarity on our target customer, competitors, and what's already working (or not working).
The middle of funnel lead magnet should filter subscribers into a sub-segment that is interested in a specific subject mater.
Best Practice
At this point they are beginning to trust you and want to engage deeper. Now is the time to demonstrate your expertise on the specific problems you can solve for them by using reports and webinars.
The bottom of the funnel lead magnet
qualifies your sub-segmented leads from the mofu offer into sales prospects.
Best Practice
You've got their attention and earned a little trust. Now is the time to demonstrate the results you can get them. Use case studies, product demo's, or trials.
Borrowing from the growth hackers lean methodology, we start out with a minimum viable funnel. Then we build out a full web presence once we've got data proving the markets interest in our message/offer.
Start with the tofu/mofu/bofu lead magnet landing pages. When you can move the leads all the way through and make some sales, then build out the full web presence.
Best Practice
Use tools like Unbounce or LeadPages to save money & increase speed of implementation. Every landing page should have these 5 elements;
Identity, Credibility, Social Proof, Benefits, and a Call To Action
It's crucial that you get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Use tools like Hubspot, Marketo, or Aweber to automate your lead segmentation and follow up.
Best Practice
Email 1 =
Deliver the lead magnet, set expectations, and introduce yourself
Email 2 =
Tell your companies hero journey story
Email 3 =
Create a bond with your leads by telling them what you stand against
Email 4-6 =
Demonstrate your expertise on the subject matter through your mofu offer
Email 7 =
Explain the problem you solve, your USP, and point them to your bofu offer
We don't live in a perfect world where people consume your digital marketing perfectly in sequence. You need a website that acts like a round-the-clock salesman representing your company perfectly with each visitor.
Best Practice
Home Page =
Briefly explains what you do then pushes to visit about, blog, or products page
About Page =
Explains what problem you solve, your credibility, and how to get started
Products Page =
Summarizes the benefits of each product or service that you offer
Blog =
Demonstrates your expertise on the issues your customer avatar is trying to solve
Contact Page =
Provides multiple ways of contact as well as your physical location
Acquiring new customers is expensive. To increase your ROI you need to increase how much those customers spend with you by having upsells and cross sells.
Best Practice
Front end =
Low cost, low friction product option with 0% to 10% profit margin
Upsell =
Core product or deluxe version with a strong profit margin
Cross sell 1 =
Additional related items or services that compliment the core product
Cross sell 2 =
Additional related items or services that compliment the core product
Big backend =
Experiences, personalized packages, or all inclusive options
Not everyone will be ready to buy right away. Having a content strategy helps keep your company top of mind and builds brand loyalty for when they are ready.
Best Practice
Choose a content medium that fits your audience and a pace that is comfortable to keep. Consider curating content until you figure out what works. Use social networks to build relationships with influencers who can share your content as well as your own followers to share your content with.
We borrow the diligent attention to tracking and key profit signals from direct response advertisers.
There are so many trackable metrics in digital marketing today, but really there are only 2 that matter for ROI.
Best Practice
The goal is to get lots of customers, not lots of clicks.
Focus on CPA which stands for cost per acquisition and AOV which stands for average order value. The gap in between them is your ROI. Reduce your CPA and increase your AOV and your ROI will grow.
MMSS stands for "marketing metrics spreadsheet" and it's where you record your numbers each week. The accountability and clarity will guide you to more ROI.
Best Practice
Create a spreadsheet with a column for date range, clicks, leads, sales, cost, revenue, CPC, CPA, & AOV. Each week add your data to the first 6 columns and set the last 3 to automatically calculate using the math formulas function of the spreadsheet.
L.O.P.A stands for leveraging other people's audiences. It's the online version of grassroots marketing where you co-create content with other business owners in your space to gain exposure to their pre-exisiting audience.
Best Practice
Go to Google and search any keyword that fits your topic followed by "guest post." Google will return a list of websites that accept guest blog posts on your subject matter. After you've written some articles for bloggers in your space leverage those relationships to start doing webinars with them to gain access to their email subscribers.
Every time you come in contact with your prospects or customers you have an opportunity to leverage that moment for more business. These are growth hacks.
Best Practice
The simplest and most effective growth hack is to offer your customer more of what they just bought in exchange for them sending you a few referrals. Use tools like FriendBuy, SmartAddOn, HasOffers to quickly and easily setup an automated refer-a-friend system for your customers.
The most reliable way to get more visitors is to place a paid ad in front of a large pool of your target market that makes them curious enough to click for more information.
Best Practice
Create your ads in the format of content or content teasers instead of looking like advertisements. Humans subconsciously tune out ads, but they have a voracious appetite for consuming content. A blog post that ends with a call to action for your TOFU lead magnet is an ideal advertisement to use on Facebook or Twitter.
All The Documents, Checklists, & Reference Guides Needed For Implementing Every Step of This System
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