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No description

ilwoong kang

on 3 August 2011

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Transcript of e-carrier

CE O eam
BLUE   A team -carrier A N team Power to Imagine
SDI&SBL Where is the Blue Ocean? market anaylsis Current market Applications of
secondary battery technology T ravel :D The expansion of travel industry New market |mobility & portability| xEV Battery PDA What is the biggest problem of existing carriers? atter? available only for 2 hours 1400000 won 10kg The failure of promotion live luggage Profit Analysis {Profit Analysis} $ Profitability of Samsung SDI in 2010? How many are women in their 20-30s in the world? The operating profit to sales ratio of secondary battery department? The ratio of operating profit 7% How much is the expected profit of the new business plan? *도출근거:20-30대 여성 경제활동인구수*0.5*1/3 $ $ [E-carrier] See What it looks like 안녕
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