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ELA first grade

phonemic awareness, phonics, Reading comp

Rachel Yadon

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of ELA first grade

Let's start reading!!!! Good Morning
First Graders! pets I can use my fingers to count the
sounds I hear in words. jump stop fly
hen Listening and counting sounds in words helps us when we write words ALL ON OUR OWN!!! I can read and write words that say O....awww
for "a" Tell your partner a word
from the _aw family! paw SAW lawn smell I can read with fluency
I can write/draw about the SEQUENCE from the text,
All About Corn We can even use transition words to help us write about the sequence of corn getting to your home! First, Second, third, Fourth, fifth, last First, Next, Then, after, Finally... The reason it's important for readers to pay close attention to the SEQUENCE is because stories and texts have to go in order!!! people follow the SEQUENCE of a recipe, or else it could turn out wrong! Yuck! follow the sequence when you build furniture....or it could fall apart and someone can get hurt...OUCH! tell the SEQUENCE of the story in order, or it won't make sense! Now, it's your turn to write and draw about the sEQUENCE in the text, All That Corn! fim stol
bam zas
zim flim
fop yop
vit cin
wot gulp I can read the nonsense words
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