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Coaching - Swimming

No description

Tegan Douglas

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Coaching - Swimming

Coaching - Senior Swimming Stage 5 Physical Activity and Sport Studies
Assessment Task I have designed a weekly swimming program for people aged from 15 - 18 with similar swimming abilities.Each activity/drill can be modified to suit the athletes swimming ability if need be. Each day focuses on a different style of swimming. These training sessions take about 1 - 1 and a half hours to complete depending on the athletes performance.
Monday - Butterfly
Tuesday - Backstroke
Wednesday - Breaststroke
Thursday - Freestyle
Friday - Medley Introduction Date: 27/8/2012
Venue: Town Pool
Duration: approx 1 and a half hours
Attendance: Senior swimmers (15-18). Approx 10 - 15 athletes.
Equipment Needed: Kick board, Pull buoy, swimmers, goggles, cap, flippers, drink bottle Monday - Butterfly Monday - Butterfly Warm up
2 x run around the pool (on the grass area)
Stretching (mainly focusing on the groin, stomach and arm area)

100m freestyle
100m breaststroke
50m Butterfly
50m freestyle

200 m Butterfly kick (kickboard) on time. 1 minute per lap
3 x 100m Butterfly kick (with a pool boy for 2 of them)
25 short
25 back
25 long
25 side
100m 3,3,3 butterfly (flippers)
100m 3,3,3 butterfly (No flippers) Warm down
200m freestyle
200m own choice

Quick game of water polo
Fun 25m race at the end doing something silly. Repeat x 3
3 x 1minute of keeping yourself up out of the water
20 pull ups on the blocks

5 x butterfly starts to the ladder
3 x 50m sprints
2 x 100m sprints
Recovery after each sprint Date:28/8/2012
Venue: Town pool
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Equipment needed: Swimmers, Drink bottle, Goggles, Cap, Kick board, Flippers. Tuesday - Backstroke With senior swimming their isn't many safety issues we need to take into account.
The most important issues is to just made sure that the pool is suitable of training. This means make sure that the water is clean and not to much choline, the water depth is correct, the starting blocks are stable. Also when you have a large number of athletes training at once make sure that you have enough room to accommodate for them all. we don't want to many in one lane otherwise they may hit each other as they are swimming. As a senior swimmer you would have been alot of experience in the pool therefore they should know how to keep themselves safe. Safety Consideratons Warm up
2x run around the pool (on the grass)

100m Freestyle
100m Breaststroke
100m Backstroke

2x100m Freestyle kicking
100m Backstroke kicking
2x100m Freestyle kicking (25 fast, 25
medium speed)
100m Backstroke kicking (25 fast, 25
medium speed)
100m freestyle recovery
2x100m 1 arm backstroke - switch every 25m
100m 2 seconds 90
100m 10, 3 10
100m catch-ups Tuesday - Backstroke Today we will be focusing on butterfly. It is mainly strength building this week and next it would be focusing more on technique. The aim for this session to become stronger in those most important area of butterfly. The kick mostly as that is want really helps you get out of the water and also the pull. Reminders for this session is to always put 110% into each drill because if you don't well you aren't really doing anything and to make sure that you have stretched enough before we start. Today we will be focusing on Backstroke. It is focusing on style today and next week we would switch to strength training. the aim for this session is to improve on our stroke and style to become faster. Focusing mostly on the rotation of the body and stroke pull. Reminders: For this sessions you need to focus on you stroke rather than your speed. You must keep a reasonable pace but it is not our point of focus for this session. Make sure that you have stretched enough before that session as well Warm up
2x run around the pool (on the grass)

100m Freestyle
100m Breaststroke
100m Backstroke

3x 50m breaststroke kick
50m freestyle kick
3x 50m Breaststroke arms
50m Breaststroke kick
100m freestyle recovery
2x 100m 1,2,3 ioggie boggie
2x 100m 1 arm 1 leg switch
3x 50m 1 pull, 2 kick Wednesday - Breaststroke Starts
5x backstroke starts to the ladder
3x 50m backstroke sprints
2x 100m backstroke sprints

warm down
200m freestyle
100m own choice

Fun 25m race of silly stuff Date:29/8/2012
Venue:Town pool
Duration: 1 and half hours
Attendance: Senior athletes (15-18) approx. 10-15 athletes
Equipment: Swimmers, Goggles, Cap, pull buoy, kick board, drink bottle. Wednesday - Breaststroke Today we will be focusing on Breaststroke. its will be working your technique. The aim for this session is really break down breaststroke to get the timing and positioning right. Reminders: For this session is to really push hard in every drill because if not you won't be doing really anything. Also make sure that you have stretched enough before we start. Warm up
2x run around the pool (on the grass)

200m Freestyle
100m Breaststroke
100m Freestyle

3x Freestyle Kicking on 1 min time
3x 50m Resistance freestyle kicking
50m slow recovery kicking
200m shark elbows
100m Freestyle arms with boi
300m 1 arm freestyle switch every 25m
3 sets of Build em ups (ladder, 25, 2nd ladder, 50) Thursday - Freestyle 333 Catch - ups
2 seconds 90 1 armed backstroke
10 3 10 Starts
5x Breaststroke starts to the ladder
3x 50m Breaststroke sprints
2x 100m Breaststroke sprints
100m freestyle Recovery

Warm down
100m Breaststroke
100m Freestyle
100m own choice Thursday - Freestyle Date: 30/8/2012
Venue: Town Pool
Duration: approx 1 - 1 and a half hours
Attendance: Senior Swimming (15-18) Approx. 10 - 15 athletes
Equipment:Swimmers, Cap, Goggles, Drink bottle, flippers, kickboard, pull buoy Today we are focusing on Freestyle. The of this aim of this session is to work on strengthening the stroke. Focusing on the speed of your kick and the pull of the arms. Starts
5x Freestyle starts to the ladder
5x 50m Freestyle sprints
2x 100m Freestyle sprint

Warm down
200m freestyle
100m own choice Reminders: To participate in drill properly know matter who silly you look. And to make sure that you warm up correctly before focusing on your groin area inarticulately. Friday - Medley Date: 31/8/2012
Venue: Town pool
Duration: Approx 1 hour
Attendance: senior swimming (15-18)
approx. 10-15 athletes
Equipment: swimmers, Goggles, cap, drink bottle, kick board, pull buoy, Friday - Medley Warm up
2x run around the pool (grass)

100m Freestyle
100m Breaststroke
50m Butterfly
50m Backstroke

3x 100m butterfly kick (25m long, short, back, side)
100m Freestyle/backstroke kick (switch each lap)
100m Breaststroke kick
3x 25m medley
10x each of: fly, back, breast and free
10x each of: Fly -Back, Back-Beast, Breast-Free Starts
5x each stroke
2x 200m medley

Warm down
100m free
100m breast
100m own choice Remember!
To ALWAYS do the correct turn after each lap
Don't slack off when it comes to the kicking
With the 3, 3, 3 butterfly drill to lift your head up to breathe not to the side
Every Sprint go hard and aim for a PB
And drink plenty of water Remember!
To ALWAYS do the correct turn after every lap
When kicking always go hard unless told otherwise
when doing 1 arm and 10, 3, 10 remember to shoulder role every time.
Also keep your hips up which will help keep your body straight.
Every sprint go hard and aim for a PB Remember!
To ALWAYS do turn correct for every lap
To always snap your legs shut with each kick
Every sprint really go hard and go for a PB Remember!
To ALWAYS do the correct turn after a lap
With shark arms, make sure you get your arm up as high as possible
When doing 1 arm really focus on that pull
When sprinting go hard and aim for a PB For this session we will be focusing on all strokes as a medley. We will mainly be working on turns and starts and to efficiently get on and off that wall in the quickest way possible.
Reminders: To watch the depth of the water when turning and to stretch well before this session Remember!
To ALWAYS complete laps with the correct turns
Slow down the turns and break them down and gradually get faster with each one to really get it right.
When sprinting go all out and aim for a PB
Drink lots of water Now DON'T FORGET to have a good breakfast before training but not to much because you don' want a stitch and make sure you have something to eat afterwords. and have a good dinner the night before considering that these training session will on early in the morning. Plus make sure your hydrated. Importance of warm ups and cool downs
One of the most important factors in injury prevention is warming up and cooling down, and should not be neglected.
Warming up refers to an introductory period at the beginning of an exercise session. Warming up generally involves a period of low-impact exercise regimes which prepare the body for the more strenuous aspects of the sporting activity. For example for swimming you need to warm up the muscles before that enter the water especially when it is early in the morning and the water is cooler than usual. The main focus areas are in the groin, especially when you are planning on doing a lot of breaststroke and butterfly, the stomach and your arm.
Cooling down refers to a short period at the end of an exercise session. The cooling down phase, again, tends to involve a short period of low-impact exercise which gradually returns the body to its 'resting state'. The cooling down phase is believed to reduce the risk of muscular soreness which may occur the day after an exercise session, and reduce the risk of fainting or collapse after such a session.

Have the athlete evaluation of how they thought the session went and how they think it can improved. This session should have gone quite well even through it is full on it has to be for this age group. There should be a bit more recovery in after some of the more intense stuff.
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