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Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to my presentation of Abraham Lincoln Please Enjoy!

Sophie Perkins

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
- He was born on Feb. 12,1809
-He grew up in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky
-He did not go to school growing up he only knew how to read, write, cipher, and he knew some arithmetics.
-He had a sister and a brother but his brother died when he was an infant
-Abe's family moved to Indiana because of the slavery issue
- Abe's family didn't like slavery because the church that they went to was against slavery.
-Not long after Abe's family moved they started having problems with the Black Hawk Indian tribe.
-Abe became a captain in the volunteer army to fight the indians.
-He married a woman named Mary Todd and they had four boys
-In 1832 Lincoln tried to run for the Illinois legislature but it didn’t really work out but two years after that he got elected into the lower house for four terms till 1841 as a whig.
- As a whig he supported the Second bank of the United States, the Illinois State bank, Roads, canals, railroads, harbors, and protective tariffs.
-Lincoln became a republican because they were against slavery.
-In 1858 the Republicans of Illinois chose lincoln to be a candidate for the U.S. senate.
-He was running against Stephen A. Douglas.
-The speeches that he said all around Illinois with Stephen were mostly about slavery.
- He lost against Douglas but he became well known.
-Lincoln became President in 1860.
-Before Lincoln became the president Seven Southern states broke away from the U.S.
-They left because they wanted to keep slavery. The states called themselves the Confederate States.
-A month after he became president the North and South broke out in war called the Civil War
-Lincoln laid out a piece of paper in front of his advisors and that piece of paper was called the Emancipation Proclamation. The emancipation proclamation consists of two parts the first one which was issued on September 22,1 862 let all the slaves would become free in any of the Confederate States of America. The second one was issued by January 1,1863 that named ten states where it would apply.
-His advisors said that he should wait till the North wins.
-The North won in the January of 1863.
-The South ran out of supplies and they eventually they surrendered.
-In 1865 all of the slaves were freed by the Thirteenth Amendment.
-On good friday April 14,1865 he was assassinated at Ford’s theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth who was an actor who thought that he was helping the South by killing Abraham Lincoln.

By Sophie Perkins The End
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