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DOW trip

No description

Peter Derks

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of DOW trip

DOW Trip Ethylene (Ethane) How it's made:
Ethane is removed from natural gas in a fractioning tower.
The Ethane is then Thermally cracked into ethene/ethylene, which hydrogen as a biproduct. Chemical Properties:
Can be reacted with oxygen and water to produce ethylene glycol, or put into a polymerization reaction to produce polyethylene.
It also a saturated hydrocarbon Physical Properties:
Ethylene is a colorless, odorless gas.
It's chemical formula is C2H4
Production of Ehtylene Glycol:
It is first reacted with oxygen
but it needs catalysts such as silver oxide in order for it to begin reacting
It is then reacted with water to produce ethylene glycol.
C2H4 + O2 --> C2O + H2O --> C2H4OH2 Prodcution off Polyethylene:
Ethylene is reacted with a catalyst to produce a white powder substance.
The reaction is called a polymerization;
(C2H4)n --> -CH2-CH2-CH2...
The product is then melted and pellitzed into pellets. Enviromental Protection Air Treatment:
When natural gas is extracted from the ground, it is seperated in a fractioning tower; excess sulphur is removed to reduce acid deposition.
Carbon dioxide is also removed to prevent global warming and reused for enhanced oil recovery. Water Treatment:
Initially the water is treated with micro-organisms to remove total organic crabon (TOC).
The water is then softened and treated with lime to remove any chemicals left behind by the mirco-organisms.
The water is then finally filtered with sand filters. Some of the bugs include Rotifer Amoeba Bristle worms Lab Procedures:
Measuring ethylene Glycol

The quantity of aldehydes from a sample of ethylene glycol is measured using a liquid chromotagrapher The quantity of heavy metals in a sample of ethylene glycol is measured using an ICP (Inductively coupled plasma) Measuring Polyethylene Imperfections in the polyethylene is analyzed with a bag maker or bottle make Chemical contaniments are analyzed using an X-ray machine Career Opurtunities Chemical Engineer Job:
Their role is to oversee operations at the plant through inivation of products, efficiency of production, and management of enviroment/site. Educational Requirements:
(To get into university)
Math 31
Physics 30
Chemistry 30
Math 30 Pure
English 30-1 Computer Science Job:
Analyze, configure and produce software and computer programs for industrial and commercial use. Educational requirements
Math 31
English 30-1
3 other 30 level courses
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