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The Breadwinner

no description necessary

madison W

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

the breadwinner This is a book about a girl named
Parvana, who lives in a 4 walled
house with 1 bathroom with her
family of 5. She lived with her little sisters,
Maryam and Ali, her older sister,
Nooria, and her Mother and Father. One day, as Parvanas family was
sitting down to eat breakfast, the Taliban
break through their door, take Parvanas
father and leave, but Parvanas mother won't
go down without a fight. By: Debrorah Ellis Mother jumps on
the Taliban's back to fight for her husband,
until the Taliban start hitting mother in
the back with a stick. Father got taken away, and Parvanas family could do nothing about it. The Taliban are the men who are the eyes and ears for the government. They watch over all the people in Kandahar. This story takes place in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Without father, Parvana and her family were
running out of food. They had no way of surviving. But.... When Parvanas big sister Nooria gets an
idea, they end up disguising Parvana as
.....wait for it.......a boy! Turning Parvana into a boy was one of the
best ideas Nooria ever had! Parvana could
go outside, make money, and buy the family
food. Nothing could go wrong.....until. "Nooria is getting married!" "WHAT???????" Apparently, Nooria had to run off
and get married with a man that she
barely even knew! I think that this book is about family
and overcoming obstacles. It's about
family because Parvana risked her
life by turning into a boy for her
family's health. This book is about
overcoming obstacles because Parvana's family has to overcome losing their father.
I would encourage people to read this book
because it is a very eye opening story and
also shows what goes on in other parts of
the world. It makes me appreciate where I live! It is a well written book!
bY: mADISON W So, this story ends with Parvana and
her little sister riding down through
the sunset....or do they? READ THE
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