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Archimedes the Great


Andrew Wang

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Archimedes the Great

Math Discoveries The Greek Mathematician,Physicist,Engineer, ARCHIMEDES Credits Noah Ziskrout Born in the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily
in 287 B.C. (Greece). early + middle life Son of a mathematician who was also an
astronomer named "Phidias." As a youth in Syracuse he developed his curiosity
for problem solving. When he learned as much as he could from his
teachers, he went to further his studies in Alexandria, Egypt. Archimedes screw . . . . ...DEATH ... For 2 full years Archimedes helped defend
the Greeks from the Roman onslaught. In the end, the forces of General Marcellus took control of the city of Syracuse. General Marcellus was fascinated by Archimedes work and sent troops to capture and return him alive. The soldier ordered him to meet with General Marcellus. Archimedes refused. This enraged the soldier who then killed Archimedes. Despite his horrible death,he was still buried with honors. General Marcellus was highly angered by his soldier's actions. . . . . Astronomer,and Inventor! Sources The
Archimedes The Archimedes screw sucks liquid through it's bottom and spouts it through its top. It has been used to elevate water levels for centuries. It's a spiral tube around an inclined axis. It is used mostly for irrigation. Archimedes screw 287-212 B.C. Sicily
-----> wikipedia . Fun Facts
About life . Invented Archimedes screw and
claw . A crater on the moon is named after
Archimedes Facts: . The Field Medal of Outstanding
Achievement in Mathematics has a picture of him on the medal's front and on some postage stamps. The asteroid 3600 Archimedes was named
after him. physics.kenyon.edu . Andrew Wang Pierce Hull . youtube Archimedes
Principle: Famous quote Defined pi and calculated volume.
He devised a better number
system and determined the
volume and area of spheres,
cylinders, and other plane
and solid figures. The Archimedes Principle was formulated by Archimedes as a result of the Greek King Hierro II's request to make sure he was buying true gold. Through observation, when Archimedes stepped into his bath, he realized that the water level (Volume) changed according to how much mass was in the water.
Chart:Example: 1Kg of gold displaces ~1 Liter of water.
If a person were to say: "I have brought the king 4Kg of gold," Archimedes would put the gold in the water and the volume of water displaced should equal the mass of the gold. THANK YOU
Enjoyed! . "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to put it on and I will lift the world." how to patent an invention first you want patent protection.many people would want to take
your invention.you want to make a model of your idea.these two things show that you are serious about patenting it.you should also prove that the your invention is new and not another type of the same invention. inventmyidea.com ehow.com spin off inventions chocolate fountain crane . . . . . Crane Game Ancient Greece It's only a prototype, but don't worry the game will still be great.
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