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Longhorn Cowfish Infographic

No description

Alex Ungureanasu

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Longhorn Cowfish Infographic

Longhorn Cowfish Infographic

By: Alex Ungureanasu

Adaptation #1
They have horns to make it hard for predators like fish that live on the reef to eat them
Adaptation #3
It is a deposit eater and that keeps it from getting into a lot of danger.
Adaptation #4
It has dots to hep it camouflage from extra dangerous predators that look down.
Having horns means hard to swallow
Longhorn Cowfish live longer
Some predators can't eat it
Adaptation #5
It has poisonous flesh so the animal that eats it will throw up
Pointed legs
It lives in the Indo-Pacific Reefs
A couple of animals that are poisonous like the Longhorn Cowfish are the Box Jellyfish and the Puffer Fish
The Longhorn Cowfish are one of thousands of deposit eaters which means they eat things in the bottom of the ocean
The Longhorn Cowfish are part of a large community that has spots to camofaue like the Chameleon and the Peppered Butterfly
The Longhorn Cowfishes' current environmental issues is mainly pollution in the Indo-Pacific Region. One adaptation the could create is some sort of system through the body that creates pollution into venom the could use. Right now, the fish is not endangered. In fact, they are found in pet stores.
In a fish tank
Ecological Niche
The ecological niche for the Longhorn Cowfish is that is a deposit eater. It is also an omnivore.
An omnivore is an animal that will eat anything like meat or plants in the reef.
Indo-Pacific Region
In this region, the Longhorn Cowfish uses its poison gas because it is on the smaller and more like prey than predator
Poison Gas
Because it uses its poison gas, it is not known to be easy to eat or catch.

The Dots on its Body
When the tide is up, there is more of a chance the Longhorn Cowfish will get eaten but the dots camouflage it.
The Dots
If it is well camouflaged, then it will have a longer time to live.
Indo-Pacific Ocean
Since the region is filled with violent animals, the Longhorn Cowfish uses its poison gas to fight them off.
Adaptation #2
It sprays a deadly toxin when it is scared by other reef animals.
Can kill animals
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