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Immune Tower Defense Prototype

No description

Wilhelm Vivas

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Immune Tower Defense Prototype

Immune Tower Defense Prototype
What is the idea?
Making something simple
Making something accessible
Making something FUN
And having kids learn while having FUN
Lessons from Plants vs. Zombies
It's everything I said an educational game should be.
It's affordable!
What can you play it on?
So, here's what it looks like so far.
The point of the game is simple:
You are in control of the human immune system
You must defended the bloodstream from being infected by a virus
What do I have to consider...
I'm not a game designer.
I won't have a lot of funds.
It has to be used in a school setting.
So, rather than reinvent the wheel...
What is out there already that is simple, fun, accessible and successful?
So, let's recap.
This game must be affordable
Easy to develop
But most important, FUN.
Here are a few images (please don't comment on my drawing skills).
Graphical Style?
Here's how it works...
You control the white cells, which produce certain Immunoglobins, which in turn only attach themselves to certain foreign matter
There are also neutrphils, basophils, macrophages etc. (the player will select which types of bloodcells to produce depending on the infection/virus type and severity.
Obviously you start simple and end up using all the cell types, like in Plants vs Zombies.
Spleen "cleans the blood", meaning there's less pathogen production
Unlocking the Thymus later on in the game allows for T-Cell Production
Bone Marrow allows more white blood cells on screen.
Sounds like too much?
It starts easy: you have to take care of a simple virus.
As you beat levels, you have to rid your body of stronger infection/viruses
Start with a common cold, the final level would be a crazy virus, like an almost unbeatable zombie virus.
And that's it!
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