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Wisetek Corporate Presentation 2013 [current]

No description

Karen Towler

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Wisetek Corporate Presentation 2013 [current]

Cork 1, Ireland
Franklin Facility MA, USA

Thailand Freeport Facility
"By making WiseTek our Reverse Logistics partner, it allowed us to increase the volume of activity, manage our SLA’s and streamline processes which increased efficiencies. The success of our experience with the Cork operation allowed us to expand into the Asian market with WiseTek and reduce our costs in this region".

Brian O'Connor, Director Customer Service EMC

Factory License for electronic waste
Export Process Zone (Duty Free)
Secure ESD Facility
37,000 ft2
USA Returns Management
Reverse Logistics
Asset Value Recovery
10,500 ft²
...into profit.
Essentially, every $1 spent with Wisetek, saves $10 - $20 on new supply chain materials.
pretty neat, huh?
We thought it would be really nice if we could turn cost...
So we did.
With Wisetek, So can you.
Corporate Presentation, 2013
in recycling, innovation, and compliance

to our customers, our people, and partners

for original purpose as the priority

in all processes with our partners

approach to the entire product life cycle

Global Reach
Global HQ Offices
Brokerage Sales Centre
Secure ESD Manufacturing Services Centre
29,000 ft²

Full Reverse Logistics Facility
Secure ESD Facility
Remanufacturing Services
40,000 ft²
Cork 2, Ireland
Asset Value Recovery Facility
Secure Recycling Centre
12,000 ft²
Cork 3, Ireland
Partnership Credentials
Recycled components are sorted for downstream refining by our strictly controlled and certified partners
Focused Expertise in Data Systems Remanufacturing

Lean/Sigma Manufacturing Disciplines

Knowledge of International Market EEE Regulations

Operational Flexibility
Why Wisetek?
Maximized Financial Returns

Sustainability Credentials

Brand and Product Protection

Control over secondary 'Grey' Market

Increasing International legislation

Independent reverse logistics partner
End of volume production systems
Current product and N-1 systems

Final configuration, to customer order
Testing of new systems

CS Parts returns
Evaluation and proof of concept systems
End of lease returns
End of current use/end of life
Competitor Product Exchanges

Manufacturing Services
Wisetek stand by a holistic approach to the product life-cycle
Focusing on the entirety of the system
Providing full transparency at every stage of the process
Understanding the interdependence of components, as more than individual parts
The Wisetek Process
All returned equipment enters the Wisetek lean manufacturing process and is always treated as valuable material inflows
All components are scanned and reconciled with our OEM partners' bill of materials
Components are precisely dismantled and sorted as instructed for:
reuse for re-entry into the client OEM supply chain
re marketed for re-use
Reuse components are then erased, repaired, upgraded, and quality tested and made indistinguishable from unused parts
Building global support coverage
Wisetek E.A.R.T.H Mission
Excellence | Accountable | Reuse | Transparency | Holistic
Product Returns (RMA) Management Services
C.T.O. Services
Rebuilding Entire Systems
European Shared Operations Centre for Emerging Companies
Secure ESD Facility
28,000 ft²
Cork 4, Ireland
Wisetek Return Enormous Financial Value
Sean Sheehan
John Mullins
Non Exec
Dick Lehane
Non Exec
Jim Sheehan
CSO & Remarketing
Paul Carr
Tom Delahunty
Mike Higgins
Yvonne O' Rourke
Tirawat Jittapuckdee
VP Thailand
Don Murphy
VP Operations
Brokerage Supervisor
& Team
Karen Towler
Jim O' Hara
Liam Brady
The E.A.R.T.H partnership is our way of showing our dedication to our mission statement, inviting partners to commit to a common goal with Wisetek.
Keith Caveny
USA Business Development
We turned cost into profit.
R2 Responsible Recycling
First company in Ireland Third in Europe
USA Total Compliance
NSAI approved ISO 9001 The Quality Management System
NSAI Approved ISO 14001 Effective Environmental Management System
WEEE Expertise & Compliance Management Across the European 27 and International

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